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    Brutal Resonance       

    Since I heard the track 'Time to Die', this album has been sought after by me with some degree of salivation.

    "Xiescive, pronounced (ex-zhy-sive), is a solo project formed by Trevor Weeks previously known in the music world as Xon. Pulling song material from various "conspiracy theories" there is plenty of intrigue and mystery in the lyrics to match up with the darkness that you'll find in the music behind them." This is the official Nilaihah introduction to this dark, evil act, and it's insanely accurate. Weeks has previously been involved with legendary act Symbiont, and in this uniting of occultism, paranormal, extra-terrestrial and downright eccentric, 'Nexus' is the perfect album to be released on Samhain.

    The well known 'Time to Die' is a fucking evil track, and is just Dark Electro personified. Weeks uses his output to portray an artist at his most possessed - I simply cannot understand how some of the sounds on this CD were forged, and at times it's like Weeks is vomiting forth his own demons and the exorcism is being recorded. Consider that the album is mostly infused with traditional EBM and Industrial sounds, the full effect of Xiescive reaches maximum potential. 'Waking Vision' is one of the best examples of the variety on offer here, as it's very martial in it's structure. Trevor has a vocal constitution that goes from blasphemic to courteous, and his clean vocals almost enter Futurepop territory. Samples are both unique and relevant : = 'I feel no love, no fear, no joy, no sorrow. I am Hollow; The sample is from Van Helsing, but it is so relevant to the Xiescive project.

    Both artist and album title are exceptionally strong, and anyone who has heard 'Boundless' may find a hint of familiarity with this album. See, in 7 tracks, I've heard my favourite sub genres combined and blended into a powerful fusion of emotion and intent. With interpretations from Nitronoise, the Luna Sequence, Cutoff:Sky, and Dryft, there is simply something for all of you. There simply is little room to improve Xiescive - some tracks could be more memorable, and some could be faster, but Weeks' intention is not to appeal to the club masses. This album is dark, like a sickness, and he wants you to all be infected.

    I think I am. *Cough*. If you like Dark Electro, this is unmissable.

    Rated by:Nick
    Rating: 8/10
    29 Oct 2011

    Chain D.L.K.       

    A few months before we already had the chance to introduce you this new project of Trevor Weeks and his first tracks recorded under this new moniker. Trevor can be counted to the veterans of the US-based Electro-/Industrial scene, who has made himself a quite good name under his pseudonym XoN and his cult-music-project Boundless as well as his being as one half of Symbiont.

    So here comes out an all new album of him now signed to Nilaihah Records, which is, I must admit, another surprise, since Trevor owns a label for longer than a decade (Backscatter). I guess here stands a business-related decision behind this deal, as this means a lesser financial risk for Trevor. At least this allows him more and more to concentrate on the needs of an artist only, instead of trying to unite additionally the interests of a label under that one hat. Nilaihah itself proves to have a fine nose for a mega-talented up- and coming music-project, which hopefully scores with this new album also internationally.

    After checking with the tracks of this album, I am relative sure, that missing success cannot have anything to do with Trevor's talent. His compositions follow a well worked-out progression and unite to the same time melodic components with modern sounding kick-and-snare works. The tracks are for the most part beat-driven, and especially the harder tunes like 'Subversion', 'The Crucible Effect', or the fast pacing, sample-driven 'Bloodwork' should be able to satisfy the needs of every Harsh EBM-fan. Personally I can find preference with 'Just a Dream', on which Trevor varies with his vocal performance more than usual. Also the slow, ballad-like 'Liars Plea' with some beautiful string- and piano-arrangements receives a 'thumb up'-rating. Finally 4 foreign remix contributions can be heard too (Nitronoise, The Luna Sequence, Cutoff:Sky, and Dryft). With the exception of Dryft, you'll get alternative versions on 'Time to Die' and 'Subversion', all suitable for body movement on the dancefloor. Applause I spend for the Dryft-remix on 'The Crucible Effect', because the project of Mike Cadoo (ex-Gridlock) transforms this originally straight and dancefloor-compatible tune into an epic sounding instrumental experience, which will leave you speechless. What a great interpretation.

    'Nexus' is a diverse arranged album, which doesn't fall into the same-sounding Harsh-EBM-redundancy, although a few of the featured tracks on here will appeal the fans of this genre. It continues musically the path, which Trevor has walked under the Boundless-moniker, while he has developed his production skills to reach a higher state-of-art ranking.

    Rating: 4/5 stars

    Side Line Music Magazine       

    Xiescive is a rather new project set up by Trevor Weeks who was previously involved in Boundless and Symboint. You might remember both projects that were signed on DSBP. After a CDR released in 2010 (cf. “Vs”) Xiescive has now definitely been put on the rails releasing this official debut CD on Nilaihah Records. “Nexus” brings harsh doses of dark-electro and EBM. Harsh and enraged vocals are directly gripping you by the throat. The pumping and merciless rhythm assaults will for sure terrorize the dancefloors. But in the end I’ve to say that Xiescive doesn’t really bring anything new. “Nexus” is based on stereotypes in the genre. That hasn’t necessary to be seen as a negative point. The songs are quite efficient, but especially “Waking Vision” and “Bloodwork”, which both are my favorites kick ass. “Bloodwork” might even evoke some good-old Funker Vogt souvenirs. The link with Funker Vogt makes sense on a few other cuts like “Just A Dream” and “Sex, Drugs & Electro” although in a less powerful format. The last part of the CD features the usual remixes. Among the 4 remixes I was deeply impressed by the pure, but terrific “Cutoff:Sky Rmx” of “Time To Die”. This is the kind of song that will get any dark-electro audience in motion. I can’t say that I’m holding the best Nilaihah release from 2011 in my hands, but let’s keep this band in mind. It all appears like there’s much more potential in it.