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  INTERFACE - Visions of Modern Life
March 3, 2009 | Nilaihah Records | nr038

New York’s Interface combines elements of darker EBM, trance, and industrial, all with a melodic, emotional edge. Interface's fourth full-length album reflects yet another positive turn in its career. 13 songs of mature and introspective lyrics, lush synth textures, and club-ready beats make for the next evolution in the band's sound. Already previewed on its own EP, "Destination" appears at full length here, alongside more standout tracks like the hard-hitting "Body Flow" and "Modern Life", and slower works like "Pavilion". It even includes an updated version of "Corridor", a track that was written onstage in 1999 and recorded in 2000. Guest musicians on the album include Dawn Mitchell (Missile Command) on "Voices (Echo)" and Rachel Feder on "Destination". The CD version of the album is "enhanced", in that when you place it into a CD-ROM drive you can access the entire album in MP3 format (including two bonus tracks) as well as a photo gallery.

Full Length CD - 13 songs
$12 USD

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CD Track Order and Sound Files
listen to MP3 files

01 Entry - MP3
02 Voices (Mono) - MP3
03 Destination - MP3
04 Modern Life - MP3
05 Transit - MP3
06 City Limits - MP3
07 Antarctica - MP3
08 Pavilion - MP3
09 Indecision - MP3
10 Body Flow - MP3
11 Corridor V.2 - MP3
12 Voices (Echo) - MP3
13 Paranoia's Lullaby - MP3


CD release parties
Mar 7 - Atomica.- Your Inner Vagabond - Pittsburgh, PA
Mar 27 - at [club] Sp@rx! - Augusta, GA
May 29 - Club Sanctuary - Tuscon, AZ
June 13 - Return of the Bats, Charlotte, NC