Street Team Rewards

Welcome! As a street team member, you have the opportunity to help out your favorite Nilaihah Records artists while earning rewards for yourself (and even some cash!) While we are working on a point system for the near future, here are some quick ways to become involved right now:

Money, Money, Money!

1) First, e-mail us about wanting to participate in this activity.
2) We will send you your choice of Nilaihah Records albums for $8 each + S&H. You can order CDs in groups of 5:
(5 CDs --> $5 S&H, 10 CDs --> $7 S&H).
3) Sell CDs to family, friends, even record stores (we'll give you a consignment sheet to show them) for whatever price you want and then keep the profits! (Suggested price is $10-$13).

Get Creative!

Spread the word about your favorite Nilaihah Records bands! You can do things such as:

  • Post banners and links to Nilaihah Records' website or any of the Nilaihah bands on other cool sites
  • Let us know about a local radio station or online station that we could get played on
  • Let us know about a local record store that carries or would sell our music
  • Get one of our shows listed on a local scene web site
  • Rate one of our songs or albums on an online music store or download site
  • Come to a show!
  • Print out our flyers and distribute them at clubs, local stores, interested friends/fans. (Make sure you ask stores if it's allowed first!)
  • Write an honest review of a show or an album online
  • Take pictures of us at a show that we can use on our website
  • Check your local record store for inventory and let us know what they need
  • Help us set up a show in your town
  • Arrange for a local record store to carry our CDs
  • Review our album (or a show) in a printed 'zine or newspaper
  • Get us played on a radio station
  • Get us interviewed in your favorite magazine

Document what you've done via email. (Pictures are great!) We'll pick a winner based on creativity and prowess. Winner will get 2 CDs of their choice. Next deadline for "Get Creative" contest is 11/30/2008. So get promoting!