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This is a list of places that carry all or some of NILAIHAH RECORDS products. It is an incomplete list that we are always trying to update. If you know of any stores that carry our CD's/merchandise that are not listed, please let us know the store name and location. If you have a question about where you can locate NILAIHAH RECORDS releases in your city, please email or request our merchandise at your local store.

**Also check our distribution page for more places to find NILAIHAH RECORDS CD's and merchandise.** _________________________________________________________


Download individual tracks from the Nilaihah bands on Napster, DiscLogic, NetMusic, MusicNet, Rhapsody, BuyMusic and Apple iTunes for around $1. Now, you can support the bands and hear your favorite tracks!

Record Stores/Chains/Webstores

In the US
Best Buy - select stores
Cafe Soundz - Montclair, NJ
Camp Zama Records - Norfolk, VA
CD Cellar - Falls Church, VA
Corrosion Records - Portland, OR
Digital Underground - online store
The Disc Exchange - Knoxville, KY
Eide's - Pittsburgh, PA
Evil Clown - Chicago, CA
Fantasy Records - Newport News, VA
Generation Records - New York City, NY
Glowroom Records - Phoenix/Tuscon, AZ
Go-Kustom - Seattle, WA
Magnolia Thunderpussy - Columbus, OH - 614.421.1512
Mindwave Records - Cleveland, OH
Musikwerks - Seattle, WA
Plan 9 Records - Richmond, VA
Poobah - Pasadena, CA
Princeton Record Exchange - Princeton, NJ
Rasputin's - Berkley, San Lorenzo, & Campbell, CA
Record Connection - Columbus, OH
Smash - Georgetown, Washington, DC
Sound Exchange - Houston, TX
St Mark's Place - Kearny, NJ
Streetside Records - St. Loius, MO
Stinkweeds - Tempe, AZ
Tower Records - Tempe, AZ
Tower Records - Alexandria, Tyson's Corner & Springfield, VA
Uncle Sams Record Store - Miami, FL
Used Kids - Columbus, OH
Vendetta Music - Highlands Ranch, CO
Vintage Vinyl - St. Loius, MO
Vintage Vinyl - Fords, NJ
Virgin Megastore - Columbus, OH
Wax 'n' Facts - Atlanta, GA
Wax Tree - Winter Park, FL

In Canada
HMV - Toronto, Quebec
Storming the Mailorder - Toronto, Ontario
TiK - Industrial Kollective - Toronto, Ontario

In Europe
Copro - UK
Dark Emporium - UK
Hot Stuff - Stockholm, Sweden
Infrarot - Germany
Music Non Stop - UK
The Nature of Gothic - UK
Prosonik - UK
Resurrection Records - UK
Townsend Records - UK
Windsong - Europe / Japan

In Austrailia

Arcane Records
GUP (Ground Under Productions)
Heartland Records
Inter Versus Records
Peril Underground

Merchandise (T-shirts) are only available through Nilaihah Records, Metropolis, Record Connection, Isolation Tank. Visit our catalog to see photos.

REMEMBER that you can also order directly through Nilaihah Records via credit card, check, or money order. Orders are sent out within a week or less of received order.

click here for a list of online ordering stores and distributors.

Nilaihah Records offers all of its discs and most of the items in the mailorder catalog direct to stores at wholesale prices. If you want to get our wholesale catalog, please send us the following info: Store/ Service name, address, buyer's name, store phone number and store e-mail/fax number.