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The Various Artists - FOURPLAY vol. 1 album is here and ready to ship! Check out the soundclips and track order here. And, download a free (and unreleased) track from FOURPLAY here!

The infamous FRANK M. SPINATH (of SEABOUND and EDGE OF DAWN) recently collaborated with the THE WEATHERMEN on an amazing side project called GHOST & WRITER. Nilaihah Records is happy to release their 4 song EP, aptly titled 'From Hell' on our upcoming 'FOURPLAY' CD. Look for more GHOST & WRITER news soon. Until then, look for their 4 stunning tracks on 'FOURPLAY' released in late November 2006 with sound samples and track order uploaded soon.

In case you are not familiar with The Weathermen, they emerged out of the mid-80's "electronic body music" wave and burst out of their self-imposed anonymity onto the international music scene. They sold over 100,000 records, had heavy rotation on MTV, completed three European tours plus an American Tour, and had two songs featured on the successful 'Baywatch' series. "Poison" even made it to the German Top 50 singles!

Various Artists - FOURPLAY vol. 1 [CD] (nr031) This amazing "compilation" of 4 Nilaihah bands with 4 tracks each, aptly titled 'FOURPLAY', took quite a while to complete. But we can easily say it was definitely worth the wait! XP8, GHOST & WRITER (Frank Spinath of Seabound/The Weatherman), GASR and INTERFACE all join to each offer 4 brand new tracks; 16 total. Look for a late November 2006 release with track order and sound clips to be uploaded in the new few days...

FROZEN PLASMA - Emphasize [EP] (import)
Once again, Frozen Plasma "wows" us with yet another release. These prolific guys are ready to take over and are steadily moving towards the top. Don't miss this limited 10 track [EP]!

CONETIK - Kube Musik [CD] (import)
If you loved 'Carbon Electriq', this new release will blow you away! We've imported this baby from overseas and cannot wait to hear the US reaction. It's breathtaking! The band is also working on a video for 'Kube Musik' and would love to hear which track you'd like to see a video for!

Don't forget we also have a few more imports left:
NamNamBulu - Alone [CDS] - $6 USD
Endanger - Eternalizer v2.0 - $14 USD

November 1, 2006 (tonight!)
Kristy/The Azoic will be DJing in Bowling Green, OH at Uptown. The night is called Rewired, is free and also features DJ Cable from Cleveland.

November 9, 2006
Interface w/ Razed in Black at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY

November 11, 2006
Interface w/ Razed in Black at Club Polaris at Starlight Ballroom in Philadelphia, PA

November 11, 2006
XP8 at Madhouse in Hermiskeil, Germany

November 11, 2006
XP8 at Monastery in Vienna, Austria

Distorted Reality have posted photos from their recent DragonCon live appearance on their MySpace page.

Endanger have a remix featured on the new Syrian CD.

Fiction 8 recently completed a cover of Depeche Mode's Pleasure Little Treasure, featured on the Cryonica release 'Bright Lights, Dark Room - An Electro B-Side Tribute to Depeche Mode.'

GASR will be featured on the new Various Artists - FOURPLAY vol. 1 with 4 new tracks. They are also busy finishing their upcoming CD 'Reptile', which is planned to be released in 2007.

Interface's newest song, "Escape," will premiere on 'Rivet Riot' radio and web cast program on November 6, 2006 at 11:30 pm.

Invisible Ballet has recently completed remixes for Iris and the Azoic. Both of these should be released in the near future. They are also working on their new release, which will be released in 2007.

Liquid Divine just finished their upcoming release called 'Black Box'. Look for an early 2007 release.

Null Device recently played several shows in October and are finishing up tracks for their 2007 release, Excursions.

XP8 are also concentrating on their new album which will be produced by yet another famous name in the Industrial scene...
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Hurry! Offer ends September 15, 2006. EVERY order comes with a *FREE* CD sampler from Nilaihah Records and ADD featuring 16 tracks from 16 different electronic bands!

IMPORTS AND RARE - CD's and Merchandise
If you are interested, visit our catalog or our orders page for more details.

Frozen Plasma - Irony [CDS] - import
This 10-track disc has an exclusive remix from Rotersand and is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. I'm told Infacted sold out and we only have 3 copies left!
$14 ppd in the US - email us at if interested

Endanger - Eternalizer v2 [CD] - import
Endanger's European hit release is now being re-released with bonus tracks and surprise remixes of "Puls des Lebens" by SYRIAN, "No Transmission" by "LastraX", "Like a Crowd" by HECQ and "Light Desolves" by ENDANGER trance side project "Alphaluna". All this plus a brand new unreleased track and new artwork complete w/ lyrics! Only 20 left! $16 ppd in US

NamNamBulu - Alone [CDS] - import
Features 5 amazing tracks including a duet of "Moments" featuring Rouven from Endanger! Only 9 copies left!
$6.75 ppd in US

Various Artists - Resistor [CD compilation] for more information.
$8 ppd in US

NamNamBulu - Expansion [T-shirt] and [Baby tee]
black 100% cotton short sleeve tee
Silver logo and royal blue embroidered "expansion" on front, silver "NamNamBulu" and royal blue "" on back. LIMITED STOCK! $16 ppd in US

The Azoic - Illuminate [T-shirt] and [Baby Tee]
black 100% cotton short sleeve tee
White and blue band/cd name on front, with blue "Illuminate" CD artwork and quote "It seems so easy to recognize, after all this time..." on back. (Baby tee - white and blue band/cd name on front only.) LIMITED STOCK! $16 ppd in US
Both Null Device and Distorted Reality are playing festivals tonight (09.01.2006)!
Null Device at the A Different Drum Festival in Salt Lake City, UT

Distorted Reality at DRAGONCON in Atlanta, GA (1am)

Be sure to check out the shows for more of the Nilaihah bands' live appearances near you.
Our 4x4 compilation containing 4 songs by 4 different Nilaihah artists will be released in the next month or so. And, it's aptly titled 'Fourplay' thanks to Gary from GASR. :) Expect to hear new tracks and remixes from XP8, Interface, GASR and one more surprise band to be announced...

Nilaihah Records will also be announcing a few new artists to their ever-growing roster soon...

Thanks to our wonderful partner CDBaby, you can now get Nilaihah Records CD releases in a store near you. CDBaby has recently partnered with Super D, one of the largest one-stop CD distributors in America, to make indie artists' CDs available in stores worldwide. Not finding a release in a local store is one of the biggest problems for any indie band and fan alike, but not any more! While you still may not find the Nilaihah releases on the shelves, just let the stores know and they'll be able to order them for you from Super D. They'll get it in your hands shortly thereafter.

And, if you prefer the digital download route, we've also created a webpage to make it as easy as one click to find your favorite Nilaihah albums! Now you can support the bands and hear your favorite tracks!

It's that time of year! Several of the Nilaihah bands are playing out and touring. Check out the Shows page to see when Null Device, Interface, Distorted Reality, XP8, Frozen Plasma, and more are playing near you.

XP8 is working on their follow-up to 'Hrs:Min:Sec' and has just confirmed that their new album will be produced by Krischan of Rotersand, plus a CD single release. They are also playing several shows in Russia with Unter Null and looking to play more worldwide!

Interface is playing several shows throughout the US
and appears on a Depeche Mode B-side compilation album 'Bright Lights, Dark Room' with the track "Never Let Me Down Again", dedicated to Depeche Mode's B-sides and rarities.

Distorted Reality are going on tour! Yes, in September, look for a show near you, including a live appearance at the huge DragonCon festival! In addition, check out their remix contest of "Those Eyes" on Acid Planet with a remarkable 424 remixes submitted.

Null Device is hard at work to their upcoming release, 'The Excursion'. You can check out exclusive, still-in-progress clips here. Null Device has also announced several festival show dates (kicking off in Minneapolis) with more to follow shortly.

Invisible Ballet's main band, Halou, will be touring soon and are hosting a new radio show entitled "Yourgasms" on Their sophomore Invisible Ballet album is also in the works.

GASR is almost complete with their forthcoming album, entitled 'Reptile' which will be released this fall on Nilaihah.

Their second album is nearly finished and is entitled 'Black Box'. It will be released in the late 2006 on both Nilaihah Records and Infacted Recordings (Europe). Expect some soundclips and cover art soon!

Their current album 'Interface' was recently released in Poland in cooperation with Vision Music. To promote the album there, the song "Something Trivial" was released on a promo-single in different versions. One of these versions, the "Electric Mix" has also been placed on the third 'Infacted Compilation'.

Conetik has just announced that their album is almost finished and should be available this fall! Keep checking in for further updates.

Endanger is proud to be part of the first issue of the exclusive 'Extended Electronics' compilation series by ZOOMICA / SPV! Their featured song is the unreleased extended mix of "Velvet Heart". The official street date release of this double-CD is July 7, 2006.

Endanger has also just created their online clothing shop and had a band page at!

Fiction 8 appears on a Depeche Mode B-side compilation album 'Bright Lights, Dark Room' with the track "Pleasure, Little Treasure", dedicated to Depeche Mode's B-sides and rarities.
Distorted Reality is going on tour throughout North America! Distorted Reality will play at this year's DragonCon in Atlanta, GA that runs from September 1-4. This is a 4-day festival that is visited by over 40,000 from all over the country and the world! The exact day of our concert and other Distorted Reality events will be posted soon. The dates for our "Daydreams and Nightmares" North American tour will be announced soon! All interested fans and promoters should contact the band directly.

Several Nilaihah bands are looking for shows and potential tours this summer. Interface, Null Device and GASR are hoping to play several shows... Please contact if interested in booking any of the Nilaihah bands. And, don't forget to check out the current list of shows here!

Their debut CD, Artificial is getting great reviews! They are #3 on the GEWC [German Electronic Web Charts] and #8 on this coming week's DAC [Deutsch Alternative Charts]!

We are about to announce two new bands joining the Nilaihah roster. One graces us from overseas and the other joins from right here in the US. The US band will be touring throughout the Summer and Fall. More news soon...
Check out the featured Invisible Ballet interview in Regen Magazine!

Don't forget to also check out the new Distorted Reality video for "Something Wicked" on their MySpace page. An amazingly professional video shot on location in Berlin! You can also click on it directly here.

The highly anticipated debut full length, 'Artificial,' by the hard working German duo of Vasi (ex-NamNamBulu) and Felix (Diorama) is now out worldwide! Be sure to look for CD release parties near you soon!

To celebrate our new releases and a busy Spring for Nilaihah, we're having a Spring into Music sale! Yes, buy any 2 CD's or t-shirts for $24 (2 for $24) or any 3 CD's or t-shirts for $36 (3 for $36). This even includes the new releases! (And don't forget, this includes free shipping in the US!) You can't get a better deal than this anywhere on Nilaihah merchandise! Hurry! Offer ends May 21, 2006.

Click here for credit card and PayPal orders.
Click here for money order and checks.

Yes, that's right! Distorted Reality is now the featured band on! Remix their new track "Those Eyes" from 'Daydreams and Nightmares' until June 20, 2006. We cannot wait to hear the results! _________________________________
Only days after the new Interface and Distorted Reality CD's are released, Nilaihah confirms yet another new release from ex-NamNamBulu programmer, Vasi Vallis. Yes, we proudly announce FROZEN PLASMA to the Nilaihah roster. More of those melodies and hooks you feel in love with from NamNamBulu are present in this new band's debut full length, entitled 'Artificial.' Look for it to hit stores worldwide in just a few weeks!

Our 2 recent releases have stirred more of a buzz than we ever expected! Be sure to check out the soundclips, upcoming CD release parties and hear for yourself!

Interface - Beyond Humanity - released March 14, 2006
Distorted Reality - Daydreams and Nightmares - released March 21, 2006

And, now that we seem to be releasing a flurry of CD's this Spring, here's a preview for the rest of 2006. More releases and exact dates announced soon, but we have to keep some secrets around here!

Frozen Plasma - Artificial - April 25, 2006
The Azoic - Re:Illumination [the mixes]
Fourplay vol. 1 - a 4x4 compilation
Null Device - Excursions
Fourplay vol. 2 - a 4x4 compilation
GASR - Reptile

Don't forget to check out the live shows section! Lots of festivals announced, plus more shows and tours to be posted soon.
Interface's 2002 hit release 'Angels in Disguise' (on the now defunct Tinman Records) is now available at Nilaihah for a great deal! Melody combined with club sensibility which produced such tracks as “Wasted Time”, “Temperature”, “Ability”, and the title track, inspiring comparisons to VNV Nation, Covenant, and Assemblage 23. Nilaihah now passes along this 15 track, 71 minutes release for only $12 (which includes postage!) Get your copy before they are gone!
The new Interface - Beyond Humanity and Distorted Reality - Daydreams and Nightmares albums are here! Listen to soundclips at the links listed. Both releases are 16 tracks long and include club remixes. Look for CD release parties and for both releases via digital download (listed above) and through distributors worldwide.

Nilaihah bands made several "top" lists for 2005. Congrats to GASR, Liquid Divine, NamNamBulu, XP8, Muscle and Hate!

Here's a few we are aware of:
--DAC [German Alternative Charts] year end chartings
34. 'XP8 - Hrs:Min:Sec' at #3 for 8 weeks!
53. 'NamNamBulu - Alone' at #7 for 8 weeks!
55. 'Muscle And Hate - A Tribute To Nitzer Ebb' at #5 for 6 weeks!
--99.9 The Electric Front Radio annual Top 100 Songs Of 2005 - 14. Sebastian R. Komor & XP8 - "Let Your Body Learn" - 55. Namnambulu - "Alone (Extended Mix)" - 93. Sebastian R. Komor & XP8 - "Control I'm Here"
-- Wrapped in Wire Top 35 of 2005
'XP8 - Hrs:Min:Sec' and 'GASR - Survival of the Fittest'
-- DJ Morgana Top 20 of 2005
'GASR - Survival of the Fittest'
-- Elektronskizvuk Top 20 of 2005
17. 'LIQUID DIVINE – Interface'

We've got a busy year ahead of us. Here's a preview for all those who have been asking. Expect more to be announced in the next month.

Interface - Beyond Humanity - March 14, 2006
Distorted Reality - Daydreams and Nightmares - March 21, 2006
The Azoic - Re:Illumination [the mixes] - Summer 2006
GASR - Reptile - Autumn 2006

We will also be releasing a few 4x4 compilation CD's with 4 tracks from 4 Nilaihah bands. These may include singles, unreleased tracks, remixes or other goodies that are too good not to release! We're hoping for one in the Spring and another in the Autumn. More on those as we solidify the bands and tracklistings.

After a long delay, you can now find the rest of the Nilaihah releases at iTunes and tons of other digital download sites. (Look for a new webpage of all the digital download sites, including ring tones!) We've also created a new iMix called 'Nilaihah Records 2006 sampler' that you can search for on iTunes and check out tracks from our artists!

Feb 1 2006 - April 30 2006
Remix the Interface song "Beyond Human" from the upcoming album Beyond Humanity. All vocal tracks and a few key loops are included, as well as a MIDI file. The winner will be voted by the band members and a few select others, and their remix will appear on a future Interface release. Visit or for more info.

Null Device has just confirmed they are playing 3 US festivals in 2006: Reverence (2 day electro event in Madison, WI on July 21 and 22, 2006), A Different Drum Fest (2 day synthpop event in Salt Lake City, UT on Sept 01 and 02, 2006) and another soon to be announced... We've also heard these guys are hard at work on a new album, some collaborations, and several remixes. We can't wait!

Endanger is now listed and featured in the MTV music-webzine h and in the big german music-webzine LAUT!

Yes, Gary and Luis are usually up to no good. Just check out their new blog at "Welcome To The Beast" which will help promote and document their forthcoming album, 'Reptile.' The band reveals this new site will contain "sound samples, lyrics and artwork along with status reports and other miscellany."

We're happy to announce the signing of INTERFACE from New York to the Nilaihah roster. It's our first signing for 2006. Blending melody, aggression, rhythm and experimentation are what they do best and their 3rd full length release 'Beyond Humanity' will hit stores and club on March 14, 2006! Be sure to check out their soundclips!

Happy New Year everyone! As a thanks for a successful 2005, we're holding over our '2 for $24' and '3 for $36' CD sale until the end of January. Just visit our catalog for these and other great deals.

Look for the 2006 release schedule to be posted soon!


NILAIHAH / A DIFFERENT DRUM New Music Sampler 2006
Yes, we've released yet another sampler just in time for the holidays and new year. Pick up your copy for only $2 (for S&H) or FREE with any purchase of $20 or more from the Nilaihah store. Offer good until supplies last.

And don't forget our CD sales: 2 CD's for $24 and 3 CD's for $36! Be sure to check out the other specials as well.

A few of the Azoic's out of print "Forward" t-shirt were returned recently from a distributor. Hurry! These won't last long!

Our two most recent CD's - 'Muscle and Hate - A Tribute to Nitzer Ebb' and 'XP8 - Hrs:Min:Sec' have both done very well on the [DAC] charts - Muscle and Hate from #16 to #5 and XP8 held strong for 8 weeks and peaked at #3! Congrats to XP8 and Sebastian Komor!

CD SALE (just in time for the holidays)
We have some new sales and goodies in the Nilaihah store. Check out our new XP8/Nitzer Ebb tribute bundle for $22. Or purchase any 2 CD's for $24 or any 3 CD's for $36! Hurry! These sales will only continue until Christmas.

Be sure to check out the new, highly anticipated Nitzer Ebb tribute CD (approved by Nitzer Ebb) called "Muscle and Hate." It is comprised of Sebastian Komor (of Icon of Coil, Monofader, Moonitor) and XP8, complete with Doulas McCarthy-esque vocalist Paul Toohill (of XP8). This album (of several of the best club hits) is so infectious, it's almost as if Nitzer Ebb has resurged... (This album has just entered the DAC [German Alternative Charts] at #16!)

LIVE Azoic shows in NYC/Long Island and Washington DC on November 25th and 26th! Check out the shows page for more details. Washington, DC was *just* confirmed so help us spread the word! (Philly show is NOT happening due to a very unprofessional promoter. Sorry Philly fans!)

Finally! XBox and Konami Entertainment are releasing the highly anticipated 'Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3' tomorrow - November 15, 2005. Look for The Azoic's track "Conflict (Turmoil mix)" to be featured. We're very excited about this opportunity! From their website: "The bestselling video game in the music category returns and pushes the boundaries of Xbox Live to deliver the ultimate experience in interactive dancing online. With the most robust gameplay and features to date, plus over 100 minutes of energetic dance music, Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 3 is the ultimate evolution of the revolution."

The secret is out! Invisible Ballet has officially announced that yes, Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom of the infamous band Halou (formerly on Nettwerk and Bedazzled) are in fact, Invisible Ballet. Some guessed already...

'HRS:MIN:SEC' is taking the world by storm. They reached an outstanding #3 at the DAC two weeks ago with only Rammstein and Depeche Mode ahead of them! The album is still in the top 10, holding at #7. The album also debuted at Bullet #4 on the IAC [Italian Alternative Charts], and it has been voted #4 in VIRUS MAGAZINE's "Reader's Choice."

XP8 is also already planning their next club attack. Teaming up with some of the best artists and remixers of the modern Industrial/EBM scene, they are assembling a new EP that will see the light of day in Spring 2006. Remixes by Grendel, Moonitor, Mindless Faith, Plastic Noise Experience, Reaper, Implant, Angels & Agony, Mortiis, Dope Stars Inc., Spiritual Front and more...

They are also currently looking to book shows in USA and Canada form Spring 2006. If interested, please contact

GASR is hard at work on developing their second album for Nilaihah, tentatively titled 'REPTILE.' A polemic with teeth, the album steps away from the sunny themes of domestic violence, rape, and murder found on their debut, opting instead for an even darker, uncomfortably intimate record meant as a thoughtful and violent reaction to life in post-9/11 America. 15 demo tracks have been composed, representing a more aggressive yet still melodic and infectious sound for the band, who expect to whittle the tracks down to around 10 solid cuts. More details and previews to come in 2006...

Are in the studio working on their third album, recording everything from Spanish Flamenco guitar to Indian Dholak. They also welcome Elizabeth Scheef to their live lineup on keyboards and percussion and are still looking to tour in Spring 2006.

Null Device (along with their live guitarist's solo projecvt, Dark Clan) have contributed remixes for Caustic on their debut album due out on Static Sky Records.

After much consideration, Distorted Reality recently signed with Scanner of Dark Dimensions in Europe. Their delayed album 'Daydreams and Nightmares' will finally see the light of day on both Nilaihah and Scanner in March '06!

XP8 are taking Europe by storm as they jump from # 17 to # 5 to an amazing #3 on the German Alternative Charts [DAC]! Their new release 'Hrs:Min:Sec' is exceeding all expectations and making a huge impact on dancefloors worldwide! Listen for yourself!

And, look for the stunning new Nitzer Ebb tribute CD "Muscle and Hate" in November (on Nilaihah - nr026) with Paul (XP8) on vocals and programming by Sebastian (Icon of Coil, Monofader and Moonitor). Take all your favorite Nitzer Ebb hits recreated by two amazing musician and add even more club appeal! It's hot!

A virtually unknown band that is definitely commanding attention! We cannot believe the reaction to their debut "Escaping Light"! This "secret" project was produced by Ryan Coseboom of Halou and already the reviews have fans guessing...

LIVE Azoic shows in NYC and Philadelphia on November 25th and 26th! Check out the shows page for more details.

Look for an upcoming remix by The Azoic of CLAN of XYMOX's upcoming single "Weak in my Knees" at the end of November. And, check out Kristy's track "Faith" on the new Neuroactice CD 'N:Gin'. More news on their upcoming release, new interviews and vocals appearances soon!!

Endanger is excited to be a part of the newest 4x4 compilation series on Section 44 Records (in the US) which will be released on November, 2005. 4 great bands on 1 disc!

And don't forget that Endanger's very successful "Eternalizer" CD is being re-released and will be for sale at the Nilaihah store very soon!

These talented musicians are busy working on their next album (full of surprises in true Null Device style) and preparing for a Spring 2006 tour! Don't forget to get your copy of the limited release of the 'London EP' before they are all gone!

Vasi of NamNamBulu has a new project entitled Frozen Plasma that includes Felix Marc on vocals (from Diorama.) The first single "Hypocrite" will be released on November 25th and the album early 2006 on Infacted Recordings. More news can be foundat the band site or on the official fanbase at

Luis and Gary are busy working on their next album and we've already heard some samples! Also look for some excellent upcoming interviews and remixes from GASR in the near future.

Cat Hall (singer of Dissonance) is back with a new project called Chlorophyll. Check out their first interview at ReGen.

Don't forget to check us out on MySpace Several of the Nilaihah bands are up too!

Be sure to check out the 2 newest Nilaihah releases by newcomers Invisible Ballet and Italian Industrialites XP8! Invisible Ballet's "Escaping Light" was produced by Ryan Coseboom of Halou and incorporates new wave electro and trip hop with female vocals. XP8's "Hrs:Min:Sec" was produced by Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil. Look for CD release parties for both albums across the US. As a bonus, we've added 2 exclusive downloads for you here. And, both bands are looking to tour in 2006! Contact us if interested!

The band is off to Milwaukee this weekend (Sept. 24th) for an exclusive performance! Expect new songs, guest vocals and a brand new live background video! Oh yes, and expect to see Kristy with a cast...

The new Neuroactive CD "N:Gin" is out with Kristy's vocals on the track "Faith." Be sure to check it out! Charlene from Blind Faith and Envy is also featured on another track.

The band is sad to report yet another delay on their upcoming remix CD, "Re:illumination" due to some good (exciting collaborations) and bad (Kristy's recent hand surgeries.) Yes, after two breathtaking European concerts at SUMMER DARKNESS (NL) and INFEST (UK), Kristy returned with a badly dislocated index finger. Thanks to the Royal Bradford Infirmary, a good US hand surgeon and the help of many friends, we think she will live. Somehow she always does... :)

Has just been confirmed on BLC Music's latest compilation, 'Interbreeding VII' with their track "Bleed And Shout [Divider Remix]". This CD is a benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims.

XP8 are currently working with several other bands (Implant, Moonitor, Grendel, C-Drone-Defect, Negative Format and others),on the forthcoming CTU-PROJECT. It will be released on Noitekk. They are also working on a super-secret tribute EP with Sebastian of IOC/Moonitor. More news to come...

XP8 are also looking to tour the US in early 2006. Interested bands and promoters should contact us if interested.

A new remix from Null Device appears on Armageddon Dildos' new release "Sangreal." And, Null Device's live guitarist, Dan Clark, has been touring with Stromkern! Look for album #3 and a tour for early 2006. These guys are busy!

Over 500 people attended their debut San Francisco show with New Model Army. The band stated "the response was amazing!" Now they are looking for more live shows. Contact us if interested.

A re currently back in their studio to put final hands on the bonustracks for the upcoming re-release of their "ETERNALIZER" album CD on Infacted Recordings. Nilaihah will have copies as soon as they are available.

Luis is getting married! We wish he and his bride Shaina the best! Look for new interviews and several GASR remixes for other bands to surface soon. More exciting music news coming...

Fiction 8 are busy working on a new album and have released their first new track on MySpace. _________________________________

Our apologies for delays with the Invisible Ballet CD due to a pressing plant mistake. On Sept. 13th this amazing debut will see the light of day. Check out soundclips here. And, don't forget their debut performane in SF with the legendary band New Model Army on September 17th!XP8
This highly anticipated release is now available for preorders and will definitely be at the top of club DJ's lists! Listen to soundclips here.

What amazing shows and experiences The Azoic had in Europe! Read their tour diary (coming soon) and catch them live in an exclusive Milwaukee concert on Sept 24th.

XP8 and Invisible Ballet have been sent off to the pressing plant!

The Azoic are off to Europe for Summer Darkness (NL) on 08.13.05 and Infest (UK) 08.27.05

N ilaihah announces 2 new band signings (XP8 and Invisible Ballet) plus Nilaihah's new presence at MySpace! Check out all the new updates (soundclips, mp3 downloads, wallpapers, banners, photos, videos, live shows, CD reviews, upcoming releases) and more exciting news below:

After a few delays, the highly anticipated Null Device London EP has arrived! Exclusive tracks + lush remixes from Iris and Hungry Lucy. Only 100 CD's available worldwide so get yours before they are all gone! Visit to download this gem!

We´re happy to announce the signing of the very talented Italian electro band XP8 to Nilaihah Records. If you've ever heard their music before, imagine a HUGE growth by this fairly young, but talented and hardworking band! Their album 'Hrs:Min:Sec' was produced by the infamous Sebastian Komor of Icon of Coil and will be releases in September. Expect a pumping masterpiece of pure electro power that shows strong similarities to Icon of Coil and Nitzer Ebb, but still retains their trademark sound!

This stunning new band features vocals by Lin Chen and programming by Lee Ryan with production by Ryan Coseboom of Halou (formerly of Nettwerk Records). Striking female fronted electro pop with gorgeous melodies and powerful hooks. Add strong yet ethereal vocals and modern synths with a 80's new wave influences. Be sure to check out the soundclips and look for their debut 'Escaping Light' (complete with club remixes) in early September! Look for their debut live show in San Fran, CA (w/ Evan Sornstein and Shawn Brice of Battery) alongside New Model Army in September! For fans of Delerium, Claire Voyant, Assemblage 23, Curve, VNV Nation and Iris.

Animotion recently emailed The Azoic to congratulate them on their cover of "Obsession". Here's what Bill and Asrid (the vocalists) said: "NICE! We both thought it was very cool!" (What an honorfrom the band!) You may have recently caught Animotion live on NBC's "Hit Me Baby One More Time" where they performed their 80's hit.

Yes, there are delays with 'Re:Illumination [the mixes]', but it's only due to how busy The Azoic have been with recent live shows, new band photos, preparing for European gigs and writing new material. The CD has been pushed back until October, but this will give them time to include more new tracks alongside the excellent remixes by other bands. Check out a new soundclip from their upcoming album here ot visit their website for new band press photo shoot in LA (with their newest member Yana.) Expect a live video from their SF show to be posted soon...

And, don't forget about The Azoic's upcoming shows in TEXAS! (July 29th in Dallas and July 30th Houston.) Then they are off to Europe to play Summer Darkness (NL) and Infest (UK)!

Unfortunately, it was recently announced that NamNamBulu is no longer due to differences. It's sad because they really took off in their short existence and had great poteintial! We hear there could be another formation of the band in the future, but for now, make sure you purchase their CD's and t-shirts before we sell out completely!

It's true. Their upcoming album 'Daydreams & Nightmares' has been delayed once again until early 2006. However, it's not bad news. The band just signed with a new label (to be announced soon), are preparing for a big promotion campaign on their new CD and are booking several live shows in Europe.


Check out a new Russian Endanger interview at!
GASR just recently played NYC and Providence, RI. Look for their upcoming DC show on July 28th. And, the band tells us they are busy working on new material... (We can't wait!)

Check out the new Re>gen Magazine interview with these talented Germans!

We've been busy! We just signed 2 new bands, have a new CD release out, added lots of goodies (soundclips, mp3 downloads, wallpapers, and banners), plus updated several of the band page files with new albums, remixes, photos, live shows, CD reviews, etc. Check it out!

In the meantime, expect these mystery bands to be "officially" revealed in the next few days. Look for even more updates (including more banners, wallpaper, mp3 downloads, videos and NEWS!) So, until then, we hope you are patient and revisit soon. But, you can find the surprises if you pay attention and look hard enough. :)

Yes, Nilaihah Records is now on MySpace. You can see photos of the bands and listen to soundclips from the upcoming releases. Feel free to add us as a friend and leave a comment. We'd love to meet you!

After signing these Norwegians, we waited patiently for several months until now. Yes, the highly-anticipated "Carbon Elektriq v2.0" is available and getting rave reviews! Add Chemical Brothers, some New Order, a little Covenant, the Pet Shop Boys and shake it up! Yes, you'll be taken too...

Don't forget to check out their sound clips and CD release parties, listed here. Rumor has it that _stain_ from Conetik will be at the NYC CD release parties!

As a special gift, you can download an exclusive video clip by our shooting stars "Conetik" (voted 'newcomer of the month' at ORKUS music magazine).

The London EP is almost out! (Give us a week or so for a formal announcement). But, let us just say, once again, the guys do not disappoint! Remixes from Hungry Lucy and Iris plus a rare acoustic performance and unreleased track are also included.

The Azoic will be featured on Konami Digital Entertainment's upcoming "Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3" for XBOX with their hit, "Conflict (Turmoil mix)." This will be released in the US, Canada and all over Europe. We will keep you posted on the official release date.

Some of you may have noticed that has been down for a few weeks. We are trying to resolve this issue asap, but unfortunately it's been out of our control. We hope to get the site back up (with new band updates) in a few days. Sorry for any inconveniences. The band is still as BUSY as ever recording, playing live and working on other new surprises.

After a very successful live show at Wave Gotik Treffen, Distorted Reality are preparing for their upcoming CD and tons of new shows. Yes, there has been a silence, but expect a flood of exciting news soon! For now, check out this awesome review of their show from WGT, by Gothtronic.

Check out their awesome new interview in Wetworks Ezine And, don't forget to see them live! They have 3 upcoming shows (NYC, Providence, RI and Washington, DC) plus an upcoming West Coast tour with Cesium 137! These guys don't stop! They are also working on new material for their next album.

Endanger are almost ready to pick the winners from their remix contest that generated over 800 downloads! We also hear the band is planning for a re-release of their outstanding 'Eternalizer' album.

One of our most promising newcomers in 2005 is the German based band, Liquid Divine. Currently the two man project is conquering the scene magazines in Germany with an amazing # 12 in the ORKUS soundcheck and an even better position #5 in ZILLO. A great start with their debut CD 'Interface.'

We were just told that BF/E music will be used on MTV's hit show 'MADE' for their new season's trailer "commercial" with their track, "She's Left in Silence"! MTV also stated more BF/E tracks + other Nilaihah artists would be featured in upcoming episodes!

It may appear things have been a little quite with NNB, but they are working hard on many new things. Beseds several upcoming European shows, their early material 'Blinded!' was just released (which also includes bonus tracks) and is now available. The band has also started recording new tracks for their upcoming CD. And, we want to wish Vasi (musician and producer in NNB) a speedy recovery. He recently had to cancel his guest keyboardplayer appearance on the US tour of VNV Nation due to health problems, but is already doing better!

Today (June 14, 2005) at 7pm, in Columbus, OH, Kristy of Nilaihah Records will be featured as the guest speaker for Undercurrents "Record Labels" forum at Skully's Music Diner. Come check it out!

STATE OF SYNTHPOP 2005 - 6 discs of electro!
A while back, some of you may remember Nilaihah Records helped out A Different Drum to compile a huge collection of electro: Synthpop, EBM, Techno Pop, Electroclash and beyond. Well, it's almost out! Here's the description and link from ADD.

After a tour with Zeromancer and an excellent show at Wave Gotik Treffen, we are very happy to announce our newest band's release, 'Conetik - Carbon Elektriq v2.0' is now available! A great mix of New Order, Moby, Covenant, Chemical Brothers, and the Pet Shop Boys from 2 talented Norweigans. They were recently voted newcomer of the month in ORKUS’ June issue! Check out soundclips and CD release parties here!

We apologize for any inconveniences while is down. It's being "locked" by a web hosting company we no longer use for some reason. We are trying to get this resolved asap!

More Nilaihah news soon...

Yes, we have too much inventory and several upcoming CD releases we need to make room for, so, you benefit! Take 10% off ALL CD orders until the end of May. If you spend more than $25, you get a FREE Resistor CD compilation!

More *new* live shows announced across the US and Europe. Check out the link above for more details.
Don't forget to check out Distorted Reality and Conetik at Wave Gotik Treffen this weekend in Leipzig, Germany!

Not only are they playing the prestigious Wave Gotik Treffen this weekend, but they are also gearing up for their US debut release, Carbon Electriq v2.0, on Nilaihah Records. This band's demo blew us away when we first heard it, so be sure to check them out!

Endanger has received a huge response for their remix contest! More details can be found on their webpage - Hurry, the files are only up until May 15 and due at the end of June. Best of luck!

After several delays and many "extras" added to this release, Distorted Reality are almost ready to present their highly anticipated sophomore album, Daydreams and Nightmares. If you're a fan of The Azoic, Claire Voyant and strong female fronted electro dance, this CD is for you!

Several of you have been asking, so here's a few teasers about the upcoming Azoic remix CD: It will be called 'Re:Illumination: the remixes' and will be released in July 2005. Expect some amazing remixes + a few exclusive duets and brand new AZOIC tracks! Our apologies for the delay. It will be worth the wait.

Kristy has also just finished new vocals for Neuroactive, Cesium 137, Projekt 2501 and Apples of Eve (collaboration with kaRIN of Collide). Look for these and more on upcoming releases!

Blind Faith and Envy are busy working on their second CD, Murder of a Girl, which should be out in the fall. The band assures us it will be even better than their stunning debut 'The Charming Factor.' We can't wait!


Nilaihah Records is proud to announce our 2 newest releases NOW AVAILABLE!

Liquid Divine - Interface (nr021 - April 12, 2005)
GASR - Survival of the Fittest (nr022 - April 19, 2005)

Don't forget to check out the CD release parties for both albums at a club near you! (Dates are listed on the links above)

Check out all the upcoming live shows starting this weekend! Expect more to be revealed very soon...

Finally! German newcomers Liquid Divine release their highly anticipated 'Interface' debut today! A CD not to be missed! Check out the soundclips and CD release parties here. Also check out their new English website!

Another new FREE mp3 from GASR called "Conspiracy" (Terrorfakt mix) on our MP3 download page! Don't forget, in 1 week, their debut, 'Survival of the Fittest' hits the streets and will take Induistrial fans by storm!

Notice the new pop-up mp3 player? Now you can listen to soundclips from all the Nilaihah Records artists. Sort of like a Nilaihah radio you can listen to while surfing the web or working. :)

Both Liquid Divine - Interface and GASR - Survival of the Fittest are here and ready for ordering! Be the first to pick up these amazing debuts before their release date...

Be sure to check out our newest FREE mp3 - GASR "Slavemaster" (Guility as Charged mix) on our MP3 download page!

Nilaihah FORUMS are online!
Check out the new forum! Join the discussion and keep up with the latest news about Nilaihah Records and our bands. Now, you can ask us questions and discuss your favorite Nilaihah bands with others!

Digital Gunfire has added tons of Nilaihah artists to their internet radio playlists. Check it out!

German newcomers who have built quite a following in a few short months will release 'Interface' on April 12, 2005. Check out soundclips from this release on the link above. Also look for a redesigned website in both German and English soon!

Look for the highly anticipated 'Survival of the Fittest' to be released on April 19, 2005! A CD you don't want to be without!

Dan Physics (of renowned techno org., Sonic Groove) has been recently rocking his remix of "Conspiracy" in techno clubs throughout Brazil. Right now they are getting played multiple times a week!

The *free* 'London EP' is nearing completion, featuring remixes and re-interpretations of "Walk in London", an unreleased track from the A Million Different Moments sessions, and an early version of "Electrified", as well as remixes by other artists, soon to be named…

Sonic Mainline Records will be releasing Null Device tracks on 2 different compilations - one is an eclectic compilation of artists ranging from trip-hop to powernoise and breakcore and the other is a DJ-only compilation.

Don't forget about the *special* all-acoustic upcoming show with Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire (ex-Battery.)

Null Device is up for "Best Artist - Electronic", "Best Album - Electronic" and "Best Male Vocalist" on the Madison Area Music Awards. We hope they win!

New shows are confirmed for INFEST, UK, SUMMER DARKNESS, Netherlands, Convergence 11, Phoenix, and Los Angeles in the shows area. More to come!

Also, check out their latest interviews at Wetworks, VIRUS and Kult of Bela (which also appears in Side-Line) webzines.
'Re:Illumination [the remixes]' has been delayed until May or June, but many new remixers have been confirmed (that we cannot wait to announce!) Expect more updates soon…

'Illuminate' moved up to #8 on the DUC [Dutch Alternative Charts] album charts! Dark Horizons Radio also liked "Truth" (from 'Illuminate') enough to add it to their upcoming double CD entitled 'Angelic Hauntings.' They are also on the newly released 'EMPIRE OF DARKNESS - One' (E.O.D. ONE), double CD compilation with their hit, "Conflict (Combichrist mix)."

Lastly, update your links to The Azoic's new web address:!

New shows are confirmed for Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2005, Germany and Hanover (with Iris and Diorama) in the shows area. More to come!

Be sure to check out the relaunch of the official website at New features include a jukebox and merchandise shop.

The In Strict Confidence remix of "Something Wicked" will be finished soon and will be the final addition to the highly-anticipated 'Daydreams and Nightmares' release. Look for a full description with soundclips soon!

‘Addicted to the Masses’ entered the NAC [Scandinavian Alternative Charts] at #5 in January and still remain in February and March at #6!

Dark Horizons Radio (88.5 FM) announced that ‘Addicted to the Masses’ is #1 of the top 5 releases for December 2004! They also added “I Count on You” it to their upcoming double CD entitled 'Angelic Hauntings.' Listen online at

Endanger have a new interview at Synthetics Magazine, where you can download the whole zine as a PDF for free!

BF/E join Frank Spinath of Seabound on his side project, Edge of Dawn, for a track called "Losing Ground" on EOD's upcoming release.

An interview in this month's (March 2005) issue of Beat Magazine, a printed music magazine available on European newsstands nationwide, focuses on women in synth-pop. BF/E has also just finished an interview for an upcoming issue of the French magazine, ORPHEUS and was interviewed by Lenny Kreger for his upcoming zine.

Dark Horizons Radio (88.5 FM) added “Golden Glass” it to their upcoming double CD entitled 'Angelic Hauntings.' Listen online at

BF/E has teamed up with a talented Digital Artist and Photographer contracted to work on new press photos and album art.

'Alone' entered the NAC [Scandinavian Alternative Charts] at #5 in March.

The first reviews on the recently released MCD 'Alone' can be found at 'Medienkonverter' and 'Blacklight Magazine' (in German only).

NamNamBulu are on the upcoming Orkus Compilation 'The Best of 2004 - Part 1' with the track "Faces" on ZOOMICA / SPV. They are also on the newly released 'EMPIRE OF DARKNESS - One' (E.O.D. ONE), double CD compilation with their hit, "Perspective."

We'd like to welcome GASR to Nilaihah Records! This Boston/NYC duo is ready to unleash their debut, 'Survival of the Fittest,' after several years of anticipation. You probably remember them from the Accession Records comps, Cryonica Tanz v.2 or Resist the Command 2 and their hit "Conspiracy." Mix early 90's Industrial ala Skinny Puppy with modern EBM, dark vocals, a hint of Synthpop, emotion, and flawless programming to understand why they already have a strong following. Yes, melodic EBM with an undeniable edge! For fans of Skinny Puppy, Flesh Field, Tear Garden and older Evil's Toy.

Be sure to catch GASR live at the Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia this Saturday, February 19th with Ayria!

Check out the new interview with Null Device in Regen Magazine!

Namanambulu's newest single, Alone, has already made the bullets of the DUC (Netherlands Alternative Charts). Congrats!

'Illuminate' has moved up and captured the #8 spot on the DUC (Netherlands Alternative Charts)!

Null Device is scheduled to perform an all-acoustic show in Madison, WI on 5/25/05 with Hungry Lucy and Bloodwire (ex-Battery member) . Without synths, without backing, without screaming distortion: Just them and a bunch of instruments.

The London EP is in the works, and promises to be bigger and better than the Footfalls EP, with remixes by some hot remixers, B-sides, and demo tracks. Look for this FREE EP in late March

Endanger has an interview in the January 2005 Synthetics magazine (in German.)

"Addicted to the Masses" entered the Nordic Alternative Charts at position #5 for February. Congrats!

Namanambulu captures 2 slots in A Different Drum's top 100 sellers of 2004, with Distances at #76, and Expansion at #94.

The Azoic have a mini-interview with Italian radio station, LupOnAir.

Welcome to 2005! It's going to be another busy year for Nilaihah Records. Here's a preview:

We are VERY happy to announce 2 new bands to the Nilaihah roster! Check out Conetik (Norway) and Liquid Divine (Germany). Expect more new bands to be announced soon...

NamNamBulu - Alone [CDS] - January 31, 2005
It's arrived! 5 tracks total. Includes a duet with Endanger!
(this will be imported from Infacted and sold domestically through Nilaihah. Hurry, CD's are limited!)

Distorted Reality - Daydreams and Nightmares [CD]
- March / April 2005
. Includes a cover of Billy Idol's "Rebel Yell", remixes by Bruno Kramm (Das Ich), Daniel Myer (Haujobb), Dust of Basement and Agonize, plus guest appearances by Andreas Meyer (Forma Tadre) & Julia Beyer (Technoir, The Eternal Afflict) This 16+ track CD will also include a multimedia video! Also be sure to check out their new website in support of this release!

Liquid Divine - Interface [CD] - April 2005
Mix elements of Haujobb, Front Line Assembly, Recoil (Alan Wilder), Kraftwerk and even a little Tear Garden (Skinny Puppy) to try and crack the complexity of this amazingly talented band. Modern, original electronic beats that transition and weave through several styles and genres into one very strong and cohesive debut!

The Azoic - Illumination [the remixes] - April / May 2005
Yes, that's right, a CD with some of your favorite tracks from 'Illuminate' reinterpreted by some of your favorite bands, such as Cesium 137, GASR, Hungry Lucy, Null Device and many more. Oh yeah, expect some brand new music too!

Conetik - Carbon Elektriq v2.0 [CD] - May 25, 2005
Imagine futuristic trance-pop that is so catchy, you're immediately addicted! Smooth, sexy vocals and infectious club beats straight from Oslo, Norway. Take trance, mix in the Chemical Brothers, a little Pet Shop Boys and shake well!
Their single, "Dead End" is currently #3 on the NAC (Nordic Alternative Charts).

More releases announced soon!


The Azoic and Namnambulu both appeared on the DAC 2004 yearly chart: at #40, "Forward + Conflict" by The Azoic, and at #87, "Expansion" by NamNamBulu. (This was after peaking at #4 and #10 during the weekly charts, respectively.) Congrats!

Vasi has just finished a remix for [:SITD:]´s new Maxi-CD "Richtfest" which will see the light of day on February 21st, 2005. Also featuring remixes by The Retrosic and Suicide Commando. Get more info at: Also check out the interview with Namnambulu in February's issue of Sonic Seducer.

And, look for tons of live shows throughout 2005. Hopefully we can even bring them to the US!

Also in February's Sonic Seducer, an exclusive new track, "Walking in the Park" by Blind Faith And Envy. Another new track, "Just Like Anyone", will be included in an upcoming compilation by Orkus and on a DJ-only compilation released by Dead Beat Productions. BF/E's cover of "Shout" will appear on an 80's cover compilation assembled by the Italian label Palace of Worms. Finally, BF/E will have a track on A Different Drum's "State of Synthpop" compilation, due to be released April 2005.

Blind Faith and Envy have been booked to play the Reverence festival in Madison, WI for June 2005. Watch for more updates.

Stochastic Theory and Tristraum have completed remixes of "Golden Glass" and "When I Know You're Gone", respectively, for a future BF/E release.

They will be one of the headliners this year for Convergence 11 in San Diego, CA on April 23, 2005. Look for more shows throughout the US in the Spring and Summer. Plus, they are still working on booking dates for a Summer 2005 live EUROPEAN debut! Contact if you're are interested.

Gothtronic has just posted an awesome Dutch interview with The Azoic here. Be sure to look for the upcoming interviews in Side-Line and Industrial Nation.

The Azoic appearson several best albums/bands of 2004 lists, including: Mick Mercer's year end music poll best bands of 2004 at #15, Gothic Paradise, and 'Illuminate' is in the top 15 Albums of 2004 on Industrial Zoning Radio, as is NamNamBulu's 'Expansion'.
"Truly amazing music, with such lucious vocals, 'Illuminate' is a highly charged release from The Azoic. Highly requested album. " --Luke R., DJ Industrial Zoning.

Look for more live shows from Endanger in 2005. We hear rumors of an exclusive show in Russia following their February 2005 Russian release of 'Addicted to the Masses,' as well as several German shows. Hopefully we can even bring them to the US!

We wish to send a huge THANKS to everyone who has supported NILAIHAH RECORDS! Happy holidays from all the bands and staff. We hope 2005 continues to allow us to grow...

The Azoic has just been asked to play Convergence 11 in San Diego on April 23, 2005! More info coming soon..

Congrats to The Azoic for their move from #7 to the #3 position on the ASLEEP BY DAWN DJ charts for November 2004!
1. Storm-Assemblage 23
2. The Greater Wrong of the Right-Skinny Puppy
3. Illuminate-The Azoic

Due to increased shippping rates over the past few years, we've had to add $3 per order for shipping to Canada and $6 per order for shipping outside of North America. However, if your order is cheaper to ship, we can now refund that amount on your credit card. (We want to be fair to you!) So, it's just a way to ensure we're covering all shipping rates. Thanks for understanding...


Not sure what the Nilaihah bands sound like? Be sure to check out tons of soundclips from all the Nilaihah artists. Don't forget about the FREE wallpapers, banners, videos, downloadable MP3's and more!

Lastly, look for the 2005 Nilaihah release schedule to be posted in the next few weeks along with an announcement of NEW Nilaihah bands we're signing!

Check out the new photos from their 2004 German tour with Dust of Basement and more! And, look for their new CD' Daydreams and Nightmares' to finally hit stores in early 2005, complete with several surprises!

Check out upcoming interviews in Side-Line and Industrial Nation, plus new reviews in Release Magazine (Sweden.)

We're very excited to announce some new signees to the Nilaihah roster. But until everything is 100% confirmed, we'll keep you in suspense! Also look for the 2005 release schedule here soon!

Blind Faith and Envy, Null Device and The Azoic are now on MySpace, be sure to add yourself as a friend.

Endanger are currently featured in the new issue of the German Sonic Seducer magazine with a 1 1/2 page interview, giving you an insight into the band's ideas and the production of their just released new album, Addicted to the Masses.

On December 23rd, 2004 you can see Endanger, NamNamBulu + 3 others at a small "pre-x-mas festival" show in Frankfurt, Germany. Info at

The current issue of the new Synthetics music magazine has a double page interview feature with Blind Faith And Envy about their current album The Charming Factor.

Blind Faith and Envy has just finished a new track entitled "Walking In The Park", to be released on an upcoming Infacted compilation. Also appearing on that compilation, an exclusive remix of In Strict Confidence's "Emergency". Scheduled for release April 2005!

January 2005 will see the release of the new NamNamBulu single "Alone", with surprises! Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) says: "hear, buy, dance"!

Be sure not to miss the first ever Nilaihah Records LIVE showcase in Madison, WI on November 20th! Click here for more details...

Endanger are #1 on A Different Drum's best seller list and still holding at #10 in the top sellers at Metropolis Records for their new release 'Addicted to the Masses' for the week of 11/15/04! Awesome!!!

Don't forget to check out The Azoic's latest interview at Regen Magazine! They recently gave away 4 free copies of 'Illuminate' in conjunction with the review.


Endanger were #4 in the top sellers at Metropolis Records for their new release 'Addicted to the Masses' for the week of 10/31/04!
01 Diary Of Dreams · Nigredo Limited Edition Box Set
02 Assemblage 23 · Storm
03 Hanzel Und Gretyl · Scheissmessiah
04 Endanger · Addicted to the Masses

Check out interviews and reviews of Endanger in Zillo, Orkus (8 out of 10), Side-Line, Uselinks (5 out of 5!), Elektrauma (5 out of 6.) Also, 'Addicted to the Masses' debuted at #11 on the Side-Line charts!

'Illuminate' was the #2 "Heartbreaker" in the recent issue of Side-Line for the 3rd season of 2004 with an amazing 79%, just missing #1 by 1 % for the new Diary of Dreams album! It also debuted at #13 on the Side-Line charts.

Look forThe Azoic's "Conflict (Combichrist mix)" on the infamous Advanced Electronics 3 German compilation. An honor to be alongside Nitzer Ebb, Assemblage 23 and Schiller!

Check out the new interview with Fiction 8 in the forthcoming issue of
Kaleidoscope Magazine (Issue 18). The magazine also features the
track "The Dark Room" on the cover CD, taken from 'Forever, Neverafter.'

Fiction 8 is also featured on regular rotation at the college radio for St. Bonaventure in Olean, NY with "Stranger in My Skin" and "Winter Rain." We're told this is unheard of for them to accept an electro band! :)

Lot's of remixes for Null Device! B! Machine's "Angels (Null Device Mix)" is now available on the new single. The ND mix of Hungry Lucy's "You Are", a dark middle-eastern-sounding affair, is available as a bonus track on their new album "To Kill A King." They also just finished a remix for FR/Action.

Look for new reviews and interviews in Gothic Beauty, Industrial Nation, Legends and RegenMag.

The Isthmus Newspaper's "Madison Music Project" named one of the best local music websites!

Don't forget to catch Distorted Reality live this weekend in Germany!

"In my Dream" will be featured on the Zillo Magazine DVD, which comes with the Dec 04/Jan 05 issue (50.000 copies)! The DVD contains live material from the Zillo Festival 2004 and was shot and produced by RGKP Video Productions.

Due to various circumstances, the release of 'Daydreams and Nightmares' had to be delayed. Look for it in early 2005 with many surprises and club remixes!

Vasi is working on remixes for the upcoming "Enforcer" EP by Syrian as well as a remix for the next [S.I.T.D.] single after just completing "Give Me A Reason" remix for labelmates Endanger.

Look for NamNamBulu's "Faces (f*** them all remix)" on the infamous Advanced Electronics 3 German compilation. An honor to be alongside Nitzer Ebb and Schiller!

If you're in Europe, be sure to check out the end of the year festival featuring 3 Infacted Recordings bands. December 23, 2004 at the Cave in Frankfurt, Germany with Vox Celesta, Endanger and NamNamBulu.

After successful albums 'Motion:Reloaded' and 'Eternalizer' + work with Assemblage 23 and Lights of Euphoria, look for 'Addicted to the Masses' to hit the streets on October 26, 2004! Soundclips and CD release parties (across the US) can be found here.

'Illuminate' debuts at #13 on the FAC [French Alternative Charts!] 'Illuminate' is also "Album of the Month" at Thanks for your support!

Also look for upcoming magazine interviews in Orkus (Germany), Sonic Seducer (Germany), Side-Line (Belgium), :Ritual: (Italy), Regen (USA) and more! The Azoic will also be featured in the November issue of :Ritual:'s compilation with "Let Me Tell You Something."

BF/E continue to work on several remixes (In Strict Confidence, Tristraum, and Infacted), just finished a new interview at Electric Diary and are writing new songs for their sophomore album. They are also are getting ready for their first live performance in 3 years at the Nilaihah Records showcase in Madison! Don't forget to check out the new BF/E forum at www.The


Check out the newly updated website as Null Device begin work on their third CD. A remix in also in the works for Fr/Action and Eric continues to fill his studio with odd musical instruments.

There are tons of surprises for the upcoming 'Daydreams and Nightmares' CD, such as guest appearances, exclusive remixes, and even a hit cover! Expect this disc to blow you away when it hits stores in late 2004 or early 2005! Be sure not to miss their German tour dates in November...

Production has begun on NNB's next single planned for January 2005. This time the production will be across borders since Vasi has moved his studio to Germany and Henrik still remains in Switzerland.

NamNamBulu remian at #16 on the DUC's [Netherlands Alternative Charts] for a second month with their current EP 'Expansion.'

NamNamBulu are also playing several festivals and concerts overseas! Co-headliners for the Belgium "Zwart Werk" festival alongside Implant and Neuroticfish + co-headliners for the "Oslo Synthfestival" in Norway with In Strict Confidence. And, there is also the "EHW Charity Tour"
in Germany with VNV Nation, [SITD] and Combichrist. Look for more December concerts on their website.

The official NNB Fanclub is growing! Besides a bulletin board, you can find a special download of the WGT Intro and pictures, news, stories and more! Check out or

We are very excited to announce the signing of the amazing German band, ENDANGER! They will release their new CD, 'Addicted to the Masses,' through Nilaihah Records on October 26, 2004. Their third studio album and by far their strongest work to date presents us with a fresh wave of modern, catchy electropop tunes. As a bonus, this extended length CD will feature 6 remixes including mixes by Assemblage 23, NamNamBulu, Massiv in Mensch and Hecq. Fans of Covenant, Wolfsheim, Iris, De/Vision and NamNamBulu should definitely check out Endanger!

On Saturday, November 20, 2004 Deadbeat Productions presents the first ever Nilaihah Records showcase w/ The Azoic, Null Device and Blind Faith & Envy at Club Inferno in Madison. Check out the show listings for more details!

'Illuminate' is making a huge splash with the official release only a few weeks ago. It was #2 in sales the last week of September on Metropolis "best seller's list" and we are already sending out reorders to distributors!


New t-shirt and baby tee
designs recently arrived for both 'Illuminate' and 'Conflict'. You can see photos in the catalog section (under Merchandise.) There are also still a few 'Forward' designs left too, but they are almost out!

NamNamBulu remian for a second month at the DUC (Netherlands Alternative Charts) at position #16 with their current EP "Expansion." Thanks to everyone for their support!

Don't forget about the highly sought after NamNamBulu t-shirt and baby tees with super cool reflective logos. They actually sold out in Europe, but we have them in the catalog section (under Merchandise!)

Check out several new wallpaper designs from the Nilaihah bands for your computer. Display them on your computer today!

Finally! There are new reviews posted for The Azoic, Backlash, Blind Faith and Envy, Dissonance, Distorted Reality, Fiction 8, NamNamBulu, and Null Device.
More coming soon!

'Illuminate' is officially released WORLDWIDE today via Nilaihah Records and Infacted Recordings! Check out the soundclips and song order here. Be sure to also check out the CD release parties near you! And, don't forget to check out their new T-shirt designs for 'Illuminate' and Conflict'!

There are 4 new reviews of "Illuminate" just posted...

They just finished several shows in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Columbus, OH, St. Louis and Washington DC. More shows for November and December. Live footage and photos coming soon!

'Illuminate' peaks at #4 for 2 weeks on the top 10 (from 9/8-9/20) at the infamous indie rock store, Magnolia Thunderpussy Records.
1. Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free
2. Bjork - Medula
3. Black Keys - Rubber Factory
4. The Azoic - Illuminate
5. Mastodon - Leviathan
6. Rob Sonic - Telicatessen
7. V/A - Rock Against Bush II

The new October issue of ORKUS magazine has a double page interview with The Azoic, who report about the recording process and their daily work as well as the collaboration on Animotion´s 80s classic "Obsession" with SEABOUND´s singer Frank Spinath...

The Azoic will be included on the third edition of the "ADVANCED ELECTRONICS" double CD compilation with their DAC club hit "Conflict [Combichrist Remix]" compiled by PUBLIC PROPAGANDA/SPV.

On August 30, 2004, Blind Faith and Envy released 'The Charming Factor" on German record label, INFACTED RECORDINGS. It has only been a few week and has received a fantastic response. Look for interviews in: Orkus, Zillo, Sonic Seducer, and Electronic Diary

Currently, BF/E is working on remixes for In Strict Confidence and Tristraum, plus a remix of their track "She's Left In Silence." Charlene also completed vocals for Neuroactive on the track "Calm Delight". Look for this on an upcoming NA release.

Check out BF/E live at CLUB INFERNO in Madison, WI on November 20, 2004, for a Nilaihah Records Showcase with labelmates The Azoic and Null Device.

Look for 2 live Null Device shows in Milwaukee with Icon of Coil on Sept. 25 and Nov. 20 with labelmates, The Azoic & Blind Faith and Envy, in Madison for a Nilaihah showcase. They also just returned from a very successful Columbus, OH show with The Azoic. It's a band not to be missed live!

Null Device just completed remixes for Hungry Lucy, B! Machine, Aramgeddon Dildos and more! They are also working on new material and recently upgraded their studio.

Null Device's "Belief (theme for 'Firewall')" on the 'Listen to the Future' project released by A Different Drum is now available and has been receiving rave reviews!

Also check out a few new awesome reviews in Industrial Nation and Gothic Beauty for A Million Different Moments.

The Distorted Reality remix of Dust of Basement - "Fires" (Love & Pain Mix) has just been released on DoB's new album "Awakening the Oceans".

Their European live tourdates have been updated. Be sure to check out the changes here.

They also just finished a vocal collaboration with Andreas Meyer (from Forma Tadre) called "Tag für Tag" that will be included on their upcoming album 'Daydreams and Nightmares.' And yes, that album is nearing completion with tons of exciting surprises! (Expect BIG things for Distorted Reality.)

NamNamBulu will contribute a remix for the upcoming new Endanger album which will be released on October 18, 2004. The remix of "Give Me a Reason" will be on 'Addicted to the Masses' Other remixes provided by Assemblage 23, Hecq & Massiv in Mensch.

NamNamBulu will be included on the third edition of the "ADVANCED ELECTRONICS" double CD compilation with their exclusive track "Faces [F*** them all remix]" compiled by PUBLIC PROPAGANDA/SPV. This remix will only be published on this disc!

Right now, negotiations are being held for a possible concert of in Mexico! Along with that, Contribe (EU booking agency) is in preparation of 5 other concerts this year still. More details to come...

'Illuminate' is here and being shipped early to dedicated fans! It won't be officially released worldwide until September 20, so get your copy early! Also be sure to heck out their live show schedule.

Last month, the Nilaihah Records CD sampler was released with HUGE success! 14 stunning tracks from the last 14 Nilaihah releases. We wanted more people to hear the amazing talent on Nilaihah so we're giving away the CD for the mere price of postage. Yep, in the US, you can get the disc for only $1. Just send us $1 via credit card, PayPal, check, money order, cash, or even a SASE! (Those outside of the US can also order the disc for a few dollars more.) We also held recent giveaways (some are still going on) through, Slothdog Radio, Gothic Beauty, Morbid Outlook, Wetworks E-zine, Metropolis Records, A Different Drum, Gameclub Central, and Hidden Sanctuary. Thanks to all the sponsors and get your copy before they are ALL gone!


We're offering a Summer CD sale here at Nilaihah Records. Buy any 2 CD's for $22 from the Nilaihah catalog (which includes shipping in the US!) How can you go wrong? You can pay via credit card, check, money order, or PayPal This sale will end on August 15th, so hurry! Best part is, you get a free Nilaihah sampler CD too, while supplies last…

Finally, The Azoic's fourth full length album "Illuminate" is being wrapped up and will be ready for pre-order on August 16th via! It features 11 tracks including a cover of Animotion's 80's hit "Obsession" featuring Frank of Seabound! 'Illuminate' will be officially released on September 14th in the US/Canada [Nilaihah Records] and September 20th in Europe [Infacted Recordings] and available through fine electronic distributors and retailers worldwide! Check out some of the new soundclips here!

And, to follow-up this release, The Azoic are going on the road and playing LIVE from September 4th - 16th throughout the Midwest and East Coast with more dates to follow through the end of 2004. Some of these dates will even feature Yana, their new live keyboardist straight from Russia (via NYC.) Check out their show listings and dates.

Along with the release of the new album and their upcoming tour, The Azoic recently had new band promotional photos taken in Salt Lake City. Also, take a look at recent live photos from The Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City, UT here.

Morbid Outlook Webzine recently asked Kristy '10 questions.'

The Parallel Project´s first album, 'Fusion', features vocals by several artists in the Industrial / Electronic scene, including Kristy Venrick of The Azoic on "Consequence." Look for other vocal appearances and releases in the near future!

The 'Expansion' EP stays solid for 6 weeks on the DAC [German Alternative Charts] top ten, peaks the Side-Line charts ( at number 3 and reaches the bullets of the DUC [Dutch Alternative Charts]! NamNamBulu again managed to top the readers' charts of the French magazine "Orpheus" in their current June/July/August issue.

NamNamBulu are ready to take North America by storm! Nilaihah Records is currently booking shows with the Swiss act, NamNamBulu, for the month of October. After many successful festival shows in Europe and a tour with Melotron, this is a show not to be missed! Contact for more information. Also for the first time, NamNamBulu will be visiting Austria and playing an exclusive concert in Vienna. They have also been asked to perform at the Oslo Synth Festival in Norway on November 13th. More details on all these upcoming shows soon.

NamNamBulu will be appearing on:
--Orkus Clubhits vol. 6 with the track 'Forgiving (feat. [:SITD:])'. (They are also featured on Orkus Clubhits vol. 5)
--Gothic Compilation 24 with the track 'Faces'. This CD will be sold together with a new Gothic Magazine, but will also be available in stores.

This amazing duo is finishing up their sophomore release, entitled 'Daydreams and Nightmares,' for release in late September worldwide. The CD will include an amazing 80's cover (TBA soon!) alongside remixes by Steve Naghavi of And One, Haujobb, and Dust of Basement. Look for soundclips, new promotional photos and artwork to be posted in the next few weeks.

Distorted Reality will be on tour in Europe with German band, Dust of Basement, in November of 2004. They are also hoping to tour the US! More dates will be revealed soon... Distorted Reality also just finished a remix for Dust of Basement, which will appear on their upcoming album.

The band recently redesigned their website and it looks spectacular! Be sure to enter the contest on their website for free merchandise!

Blind Faith and Envy also just signed with German super-label, Infacted Recordings, for all of Europe! Expect BIG things for this band!

Charlene recently completed vocals for an upcoming Neuroactive track (for their new album) and BF/E remixed Stochastic Theory, which is on their debut CD. gave 'The Charming Factor' a 5 out of 5 stars and called it "...yet another shining jewel in the Nilaihah catalog! Highly Recommended!" Don't forget to pick up your copy of this new band who is turning many heads!

Milwaukee Alternative Radio Station, Rock 102.1, is currently playing BF/E's hit, "Golden Glass." BF/E are also being spun regularly at top 40 station, WLKG The Lake 96.1 and had a recent in-studio interview. And BF/E has just completed an interview for Industrial Zoning on 90 FM WWSP!

Be sure not to miss the big "Irreverence (Reverence 2)" festival July 31st @ Club Inferno in Madison, WI w/ Stromkern, b00le, Epsilon Minus, Null Device, Stochatsic Theory, and The Gothsicles. An event to see! Null Device also just returned from the Freak's United Festival in DC and had an amazing response from the crowd.

There is an ALL-NEW Null Device track "Belief (theme for 'Firewall')" on the upcoming 'Listen to the Future' project via A Different Drum. This is a new concept that pairs short science fiction stories with synthpop tracks inspired by fiction. Null Device lyricist Eric G. also wrote one of the stories ("Survivor's Guilt"), which has a fun, thick-bassed accompanying track by Color Theory of 11th Records.

And lastly, July 23rd marked the 2-year anniversary of the release of "Sublimation", which was also the same day (this year) that one half of Null Device, the esteemed Dr. Eric Goedken got married! Congrats to Jodi and Eric!

Yes, that's right...Nilaihah Records has release a *free* promo CD in an effort to let music fans everywhere hear just how talented all of the Nilaihah artists are! So if you've always wanted to check out our label and the bands, this is your chance to hear 14 amazing songs! View the tracklisting here.

To get your very own copy either:
1) ORDER anything from the Nilaihah catalog and you'll get the promo for free
2) ORDER the promo CD for only $1 (to cover shipping)
3) or send us a SASE (with .75 postage and an envelope large enough for a CD) to:
Nilaihah Records, P.O. Box 82614, Columbus, OH 43202, USA

It's *that* easy! But get yours before all 1000 of these limited CD's are gone! Contact us at for more information

The Expansion EP climbs from #14 to #10 on the DAC charts and also hits #3 on the Side-Line charts!

Check out the Wav Gothik Treffen live photos at the "Haus Auensee". A completly packed concert hall made the first big festival appearance by NamNamBulu a huge success. Thanks to Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) and Casi ([SITD]) for their guest appearances on stage!

"Golden Glass" is on regular rotation at 96.1 The Lake. Request it here! Also, look for some big European news for Blind Faith and Envy soon!


THE SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Thank you to all those who have sent submissions. It was an overwhelming response! ALL bands will be notified of final selection by June 30, 2004


'Expansion' enters the DAC charts and climbs to #13 after only 2 weeks of the official release!

Don't forget to pick up your Expansion Bundle Packs which includes an Expansion EP, regular t-shirt or baby tee (black tees with an awesome reflective NNB logo on the front and back), postcard and sticker all for only $26 (shipping included in the US!) Get them quick as the Euroepan versions are sold out!

NamNamBulu and Nilaihah Records are beginning to organize a tour for the US and Canada in October/November 2004. Contact if you'd like to see them perform near you! And look for a streaming video of NamNmaBulu LIVE (from Wave Gotik Treffen) here soon!

The Azoic managed to get onto the bullets of Germany's very impressive DJ Dance /Alternative NAITIVE 25 charts for the 21st week -! They also climbed from #5 to #2 on the DUC [Dutch Alternative Charts]! Thanks to all the DJ's for their support!

And, on August 31, 2004, look for 'Illuminate' to finally be released! It's been a long, but a worthwhile wait, we promise! Expect some surprise guest vocalists too!

Look for The Azoic to tour the US and Canada in September. Email if you'd like to see them perform near you!

Eric just finished remixes for Stochastic Theory, Armageddon Dildos, Attrition, and B! Machine. He also recently mastered the new Stochastic Theory disc.

Null Device is writing a new song for the upcoming A Different Drum "Listen to the Future" compilation, and they've also started writing new material!

Be sure to check out their upcoming LIVE shows in Washington, DC and Madison, WI this month!

They just completed a remix for Dust of Basement that will appear on their upcoming album.

Look for a short tour in November 2004 with Dust of Basement and others. Confirmed cities so far are Leipzig (Nov 13th) and Berlin (Nov 14th).


Charlene just finished vocals for Neuroactive and Daniel just completed a remix for Stochastic Theory.

The new website will be completed in 2 weeks. And look for live shows in the next few months...


We apologize to anyone who could not access recently. There were server issues that have now been resolved.

The 'Expansion' EP was officially released worldwide on May 10th and is definitely one of the most sought after EP's this year! (It was #2 on the top 10 best sellers from Metropolis Records for May 9, 2004) Be sure to check out the soundclips here.

Look for CD release parties in these cities:
May 21 - The Castle - Tampa, FL
May 22 - Disintegration - Denver, CO
May 22- Albion Batcave - NYC, NY
May 25 - The Inferno - Madison, WI
May 27 - Nation - Washington, DC
May 29 - City Club - Detroit, MI
May 29 - The Mercury - Seattle, WA
TBA - John's Dark Corner - Philadelphia, PA
June 03 - Fusion - Indianapolis, IN
June 04 - Outland - Columbus, OH

The Azoic are still climbing the DUC [Dutch Alternative Charts] from #7 to #5!

Look for their long-awaited fourth full length CD release, 'Illuminate', in stores on August 31, 2004 with a US/Canada tour to follow in September!

Don't forget to check out the listing of upcoming shows from NamNamBulu, The Azoic, Null Device, Blind Faith and Envy + more!

'The Charming Factor' is now officially released worldwide! Check out this debut that is already receiving rave reviews after only 1 week of it's release. Female-fronted Electronic Pop band with infectious hooks and catchy melodies including club remixes by Neuroactive, Blank, and Null Device.

CD release parties
April 21 - Club Ozone - Miami, FL
April 22 - Fusion - Indianapolis, IN
April 23 - The Castle - Tampa, FL
April 24 - The Mercury - Seattle, WA
April 28 - The Inferno - Madison, WI
April 29 - Nation - Washington, DC
May 01 - City Club - Detroit, MI
May 07 - Outland - Columbus, OH
May 08- Disintegration - Denver, CO
May 11 - Nocturna - Chicago, IL
--(monthly 18+ night - "C10-Extend" event)
May 18- Nox - Champaign-Urbana, IL
May 19 - ManRay - Boston, MA
May 22 - John's Dark Corner - Philadelphia, PA
May __ - Sancus - Knoxville, TN

Pre-orders are being accepted now for the 'Expansion' EP and for the "bundle pack," which includes the EP, a t-shirt (regular or baby tee), sticker, and postcard. Get yours now!

The official NamNamBulu fanbase just went online at:

Distances received a 9 out of 10 rating from MusicWerks magazine! You can find a exclusive review of the Expansion EP at (in German)

NamNamBulu will be playing at the Wave Gothik Treffen 2004 festival, on Sunday May 30th at the Haus Auensee venue from 5:50 to 6:30.

NamNamBulu is also now a part of the Pluswelt Promotions "family" Pluswelt is the booking agency for bands like: Apoptygma Berzerk, Mesh, In Strict Confidence, De/Vision, Lights of Euphoria, Suicide Commando.

Vasi of NamNamBulu is currently writing songs for his side project Frozen Plasma. The FP Songs will be performed by Johan Hansson from the swedish band Unitary. Henrik is now designing the Frozen Plasma logo and website. Look for an album in late 2004.

Vasi has just finished a remix collaboration with Torben Schmidt (Lights of Euphoria) for Suicide Commando's "One Nation under God". It will not be a NamNamBulu rmx but a Torben Schmidt/Vasi Vallis Remix. As a "special guest," Henrik wrote and spoke the intro words for the remix. Vasi's Halso recently completed a remix for Monofader, project of Sebastian R. Komor (Icon of Coil) and Richard Bjørklund (Spektralized).

will be playing at the Dark Arts Festival in Salt Lake City Utah, Sunday, June 27 2004. More details and shows to be announced soon, as there is a fall 2004 tour in talks for both the US and Europe.

"Foward + Conflict" topped the DAC [Deutsche Alternative Charts] single charts at #4 and stayed on the charts for the maximum 8 weeks! The Azoic also manage to climb the DUC [Dutch Alternative Charts] from #13 to #7. The Azoic "Conflict" is also still at the top of the Italian Stillborn magazine charts.

"Conflict" received radio rotation on the Danish radio show the "Midnight Machinery" on XFM 107.4 MHZ broadcasted out of Copenhagen.

The Azoic are confirmed to participate in Orkus magazine's 'Grabesgesange Der Schwarzen Engel Vol.2' compilation in May 2004 with "Progression [ dirge]" by Assemblage 23. And the 'Infacted Compilation' will be released in June with an unreleased"'Lost" remix by COM_Link. And just released are 'Diva X Machina 4' and 'Zillo Club Hits 9' that both feature tracks by The Azoic.


"Electrified" has been selected for inclusion on then upcoming Infacted records compilation. This marks their first non-import entry into the European market.

Don't miss Null Device live on May 20, 2004 with Stochastic Theory and the Gothsicles.

Null Device is pleased to announce their internet radio station, Radio Null, featuring a broadcast of all sorts of stuff from the Null Device sound systems. Pop, World, Breakbeat, Trance, remixes, exclusives, etc. Check it out at

Distorted Reality signed an agreement with RGKP in Europe - for booking live shows. RGKP cooperates with Zillo Musik Magazine

Cryonica Tanz Vol.3' (Cryonica) Electro-Industrial DCD compilation features both Fiction 8 and NamNamBulu.

Distorted Reality and The Azoic both appear on 'Diva X Machina Vol.4' (COP Int.) Distorted Reality also appear on 'Accession Records Vol. 2' (Accession) and 'Nachtschwärmer Vol. 6' (Angel Star/SPV).

Null Device and The Azoic will both appearon the upcoming 'Infacted Recordings' compilation due out in June 2004.

At their newly redesigned website,, you can download a 1 minute clip of "Faces" taken from the upcoming 12 track EP, 'Expansion' + view the tracklisting. This EP will be available on May 10, 2004 and will include a collaboration with [S.I.T.D]. Look for more soundclips and a special preorder t-shirt/CD special for the North American audiences!

NamNamBulu conquers the US annual Campus-Radio-Charts voted as one of the top 10 best import CD's for 2003!
Top 10 E.O.'s Top 10 Import CDs For 2003
1. CAMOUFLAGE-"Sensor"
2. COMMON DREAM-"Gravity"
3. BELIEF-"No-Place"
4. NAMNAMBULU-"Distances"

"Memories" places at #31 of the top 50 singles on the DUC charts for 2003! If you don't own 'Distances' yet, what are you waiting for?

NamNamBulu will be featured on the 9th edition of the Zillo Clubhits CD with their club hit, "Memories." They will also appear on the upcoming Infacted Recordings compilation with an exclusive track to be announced shortly.

Want to see NamNamBulu live? They are looking to tour the US this year and are confirmed for a show in MEXICO for December 4th. More details as they come about. Be sure to also check out the website for a list of all the European shows, including a few added shows with Suicide Commando.

'Forever, Neverafter' has hit the DAC bullets for the past 3 weeks in a row! Fiction 8 have also been asked to appear on an exclusive CD Baby compilation! Congrats guys!

Again, The Azoic move up from #8 to #6 on the DAC singles charts for the upcoming week of 3.22.04! This is their 4th week on the charts with another steady climb! They are also hanging stead at #3 on the Side-Line singles charts and moved up to #20 on the DUC singles charts for the week of 3.01.04. Plus, their song "Conflict" is at #1 on the EBM radio charts!

The Azoic has an upcoming interview in Side-Line alongside several published interviews in Orkus, Sonic Seducer, Zillo, and DNA Six.

The Azoic will be featured on the 9th edition of the Zillo Clubhits CD with their club hit, "Conflict" [Combichrist remix]. They will also appear on the upcoming Infacted Recordings compilation with an exclusive remix to be announced shortly.

And, yes 'Illuminate' is coming along, but is experiencing some delays. Kristy will go back into the studio very soon to record more vocals for the album + finish vocals for Hungry Lucy, DJ RAM, and a Decoded Feedback side project.

Look for several Azoic shows in the Fall/Winter 2004! More details to be announced.

Their stunning debut 'The Charming Factor' is getting quite the buzz and has just been sent off to the pressing plant. Look for this 14 song release, with exclusive remixes by Neuroactive, Blank and Null Device, to hit stores on April 20, 2004. More soundclips will be posted soon...

You can also still download their exclusive web-only single at

'A Million Different Moments' is #11 on the Side-Line album charts!!! This is their 5th week on the charts! is giving away a free copy of 'A Million Different Moments.' Check the website for more details!

Null Device will have an upcoming interview in Side-Line, has an interviews posted at THE Russian source for Synthpop at You can also check out tons of stellar reviews at

They will also appear on the upcoming Infacted Recordings compilation with their dance track, "Electrified."

Eric has completed remixes for Blind Faith and Envy, Attrition, and Stochastic Theory with more announced soon.

Their upcoming album has finally been announced and will be entitled 'Daydreams & Nightmares.'

Look for a European tour with Dust of Basement in the Fall and hopefully several US shows TBA!

Martha has also completed vocals for Epsilon Minus and is working on tracks for DJ RAM in Russia and a Decoded Feedback side project.


[Deutsche Alternative Charts] The Azoic managed once again to climb the DAC's from #13 to position #9!
[Netherlands Alternative Charts] They also entered the DUC in their second week after being ranked as a bullet to position #20!
[Side Line Charts] The Azoic have also reached the SIDE LINE single charts on position #3!


Download the brand new "Crowded Room" CD single from Blind Faith and Envy for FREE! 3 tracks from their upcoming CD, 'The Charming Factor,' including a dance remix by Null Device. Songs and artwork can be downloaded here. Spread the word and request these songs at your local clubs and radio stations! 'The Charming Factor' will be released on Nilaihah Records in April.

NamNamBulu - Distances | 02.24.04
Null Device - A Million Different Moments | 02.10.04
Fiction 8 - Forever, Neverafter | 12.09.04 _________________________________


Today is the offical North American release of 'Distances.' Be sure to buy this disc for the unreleased "Memories" video and extra club mix of "Now or Never."

Look for NamNamBulu live at the famous Wave Gotik Treffen this year!

The Azoic have once again made the DAC charts with 'Forward+Conflict' for 3.01.04 from a bullet to #13 on the singles chart! The second highest climber for the week! Thanks a ton to all who've helped make this happen!

Look for an interview in the new March issue of Orkus which also includes the "Conflict" video on their enclosed CD. There is also an interview in the new March Sonic Seducer, plus
"Not Justified" on the enclosed compilation.

Check out the new review of 'Forward+Conflict' at, where they received a 5 out of 6 and they have been chosen one of the main singles of this month at

NamNamBulu and The Azoic have been asked to participate in the next edition of the famous ZILLO CLUBHITS CD series. More details to follow...


Both Null Device and The Azoic reached bullet spots on Side-Line's charts for the week of 2.08-2.16.2004.

The Azoic's European release, 'Forward+Conflict,' just entered the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) charts this week (2.23.04) as a bullet for the singles! It also reached the DUC (Netherlands Alternative Charts)
charts as a bullet 2 weeks ago. Thanks DJ's!

ROCK SOUND (mainstream UK magazine) is featuring DJ Tom Gold's top spins. Loos who's at #2::
1. Bruderschaft "Forever" (Sero.Overdose Mix)
2. NamNamBulu "Memories"

NULL DEVICE - A Million Different Moments
Feb 11 - The Inferno - Madison, WI
Feb 12 - "Be My Bloody Valentine" at Fusion - Indianapolis, IN
Feb 14 - The Castle - Tampa, FL
Feb 14 - Mercury - Seattle, WA
Feb 16 - Nocturna at Metro - Chicago, IL
Feb 21 - City Club - Detroit, MI
Mar 02 - Revelations - Norfolk, VA
Mar 04 - Nation - Washington, DC

NAMNAMBULU - Distances

This US version includes a multimedia video of "Memories" + an unreleased remix of "Now or Never", at domestic prices!

Feb 26 - Fusion - Indianapolis, IN
Feb 28 - Mercury - Seattle, WA
Mar 02 - Revelations - Norfolk, VA
Mar 04 - Nation - Washington, DC
Mar 05 - The Castle - Tampa, FL
Mar 06 - Downtime - New York City, NY
Mar 06 - Disintegration - Denver, CO
Mar 06 - City Club - Detroit, MI
Apr 04 - The Purple Onion - Vancouver, BC
TBA - Nocturna at Metro - Chicago, IL
Apr 06 - Montreal, ONT

They've finished their highly anticipated CD "The Charming Factor." Expect a few *free* downloadable tracks from very soon (as a preview and sampler of their upcoming CD.) The album will include remixes by Neuroactive, Null Device, and Blank. Look for the full album in April!

Backlash will release their follow-up to 'Impetus,' entitled 'Heliotrope,' with the new singer, Erik Thorstensson. It's more pop, but still has the trademark "Backlash-sound". Previous fans will be happy to know Malin Andersson makes a special guest appearance. As for now, Nilaihah Records does not plan to release this disc, unless there is an overwhelming response from the fans. You can, however, expect Memento Materia to release this album on March 29, 2004 in Sweden.

heck out *new* interviews of The Azoic in the following magazines: Gothic Beauty, Zillo, DNA Six, Orkus, and Sonic Seducer.

Help promote NILAIHAH RECORDS in your area and win *free* stuff! Every few months, we will hold a contest to see who is the most creative and hard-working street-teamer. Join here.

You can now download iindividual tracks from Nilaihah artists via eMusic, iTunes, MusicNet, Rhapsody, BuyMusic, and AudioLunchBox. Most of the bands have already been added to these sites so START DOWNLOADING (for a nominal fee) and support the artists!

This compilation has taken a backseat to all the upcoming Nilaihah releases, as this year is our most ambitious. But, never fear. Nilaihah Records is working with A Different Drum to help make sure this comp sees the light of day. No submission deadline or release date has been set yet, but will be announced soon. Thanks to all those who have already submitted!


New videos from Distorted Reality and The Azoic have been added to the site!

New reviews of Null Device , NamNamBulu, Fiction 8, and The Azoic have been added to the site!

The Azoic - 'Forward+Conflict' - February 2, 2004
.........(on Infacted Recordings)
Null Device - 'A Million Different Moments' - Feb. 10, 2004
NamNamBulu - 'Distances' - February 24, 2004
Blind Faith and Envy - 'The Charming Factor' - April 2004
NamNamBulu - 'Expansion' EP - May 2004
Distorted Reality - TBA - June 2004
The Azoic - 'Illuminate' - July 2004 (tentative date)


Don't miss their live show in Denver on January 22, 2004 for the release of "Forever, Neverafter!"

After their successful debut, Null Device returns with a mature collection of songs that explore various cultures, styles, and instrumentation. Weave Middle Eastern influences and guitar to their beloved and intelligent synthpop sound and you will only scratch the surface of what you'll explore in these intricately created dance ballads. A must for fans of New Order, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Conjure One, Delerium, Natasha Atlas and Talvin Singh. Listen to soundclips and pre-order here. Official worldwide CD release date is 2.10.2004.


Infacted Recordings has informed us that the European version of 'Forward+Conflict' has arrived! It will be officially released on 2.2.2004 throughout Europe and the Baltic States. We will have a limited number of copies in 2 weeks, so if you'd like one, pre-order it now. Click here for tracklisting. They will go fast!

Kristy has completed the vocal tracks for both Neuroactive and The Parallel Project. Expect some news on these releases soon...

Two new songclips (from their upcoming album) can be previewed on their website.


We finally have our street team in place! Come join...


Happy New Year! Check out soundclips from all the bands, even a preview of upcoming releases from NamNamBulu, Null Device, and Blind Faith and Envy!


We welcome our newest band, NamNamBulu, from Switzerland! They've attracted tons of attention in Europe, especially since Ronan of VNV Nation discovered them. It's now time to expose them to North American audiences! Look for "Distances" in February 2004 with a few extra surprises not found on the European release.


Today is the OFFICIAL release date worldwide "Forever, Neverafter". You must check out the soundclips to hear just how addictive this disc is...

Check out "Forever, Neverafter" CD release parties
December 12 - Salt Lake City, UT - Sanctuary
December 13 - Tampa, FL - The Castle
December 17- Madison - WI - The Inferno
December 20 - Seattle, WA - Mercury
January 22 - Denver, CO - Gothic Theater (live show)

Just so you are aware, we are down to our last 20 copies of 'Oneiroid Psychosis - Garden of Remembrance' CD, 40 copies of 'The Azoic - Where Broken Angels Lie', CD and 13 XL 'The Azoic - forward' T-shirts. These WILL sell quickly and there are not plans of reissuing them, so be sure to get your copies before they are GONE!

The new Azoic site is now up. They have also just completed re-mastering the European release for 'Conflict+Forward.' More news here.

The newest Nilaihah band is searching for a few remixers for their track "Crowded Room." They have already secured a remix of "Major Philosopher" with Jarkko of Neuroactive. With only 2 more songs to complete on their upcoming album "The Charming Factor", Blind Faith and Envy are ready to surprise even the most discriminating listener. Don't let their name fool you! Be sure to check out their song clips Interested remixers should email

THE AZOIC's new site is finally up! Click here to check it out!

THE AZOIC and ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS going, going, gone!
We are almost out of both The Azoic - Where Broken Angels Lie and Oneiroid Psychosis - Garden of Remembrance CD's. We are not re-pressing these discs so be sure to pick up your copy before they are gone forever!


FICTION 8's 'Forever, Neverafter' is NOW available through! Order via credit card, check or money order and receive your copy 3 weeks before the offical release date! Your favorite stores will have the CD in stock on December 9th worldwide, so be sure to get your copy before everyone else! Listen to soundclips here.

THE AZOIC has just signed to Infacted Recordings for all of Europe and will be releasing a "best of" CD entitled 'Forward +
Conflict' for an introduction to the European market. Song order and artwork to be posted soon. Labelmates will include Iris, NamNamBulu, Endanger, and Lights of Euphoria with distribution in Europe through Nova Media and Soul Food. An offical press release from Infacted Recordings will go out next Monday, 11/24/2003.

Check out the newest BLIND FAITH AND ENVY tracks for 'The Charming Factor' and us know what you think!

NULL DEVICE are almost complete with their follow-up to 'Sublimation', entitled 'A Million Different Moments' which will be released in late January.

Martha Arce (Distorted Reality), Eric Oehler/Eric Goedken (Null Device) and Kristy Venrick (The Azoic) have just completed vocals for Epsilon Minus' upcoming release, 'Reinitialized' due out in March/April 2003. Kristy Venrick has also *finally* completed her vocals for the Parallel project (Negative Format side project).


Distorted Reality LIVE tomorrow in Tampa, FL at the Liar's Club with Psyche!

Fiction 8's highly anticipated "Forever, Neverafter" CD will *finally* be officially released on December 9th, 2003! Soundclips coming soon...

PDF files added to all the CD releases on Nilaihah Records. Includes song order, sales info, reviews, and distributors.

Distorted Reality will be performing live on November 5th in Tampa with Psyche! Check out more info here.

Distorted Reality is also in the process of producing the new album with Andy Meya of Forma Tadre. Their second album is scheduled for release in Spring 2004.

Nilaihah Records will be releasing a *5-disc* CD compilation of electronic music (dance focused) in Autumn 2004 entitled 'State of Synthpop 2004.' We are looking for the TOP bands in our scene to take part of this amazing comp (and no, it isn't just focused on straight "synthpop".) Read more...

We welcome Blind Faith and Envy, a stunning female fronted Synth-Pop band with strong melodies and catchy vocals that is reminiscent of Depeche Mode, but retains a style all their own. Look for their debut CD, 'the Charming Factor,' in mid 2004.

- 2 new shows in SAN FRANCISCO (April 6) and PHOENIX (April 9) with Assemblage 23.

In June 2003, The Azoic will release a CD-single for their new club track, "Conflict" with several remixes. Soon to follow (in the fall) will be their upcoming full length CD entitled "illuminate". There is also a new website in the works to announce these new releases and unveil new press photos for 2003.

- has recently replaced the female vocals of Malin Andersson with Erik Torstensson. Look for a new band photo and an MP3 of a new song featuring Erik on vocals. The new album from Backlash will be ready for release in mid to late 2003.

- "The Fine Line Between Love and Hate" will finally be released in the U.S. on May 13, 2003. This release will contain material from their German (Accession) release + 4 new remixes: Assemblage 23, Null Device, Forma Tadre, and

The results of the 2002 German online poll of were posted and Distorted Reality reached position 4 in the category "Best Newcomer 2002"! More than 700 visitors participated in this survey...

- Fiction 8's first new track since 2001, "Winding Down", (with guest vocalist Kelly Bearden) will appear on an upcoming 'A Different Drum' compilation. Their new CD is delayed so check the website for more news in the next few months. It will be well worth the wait...

- 2 new shows announced for MADISON, WI. .Catch their first live performance ever on March 25, 2003!
March 25, 2003 - MADISON, WI t Club Inferno with special guest Terminal Bliss
May 4th, 2003 - MADISON, WI Null Device t Club Inferno with Assemblage 23

Null Device's "Sublimation" landed on A Different Drum's "year's best" list for 2002! And, just gave "Sublimation" a "highly recommended" 4.5/5 review.
New photos have been added to The Azoic site from recent shows in Chicago 10/2002 and Columbus 1/2003.

The Venusa XX vol. 2 compilation (on Alfa Matrix/Side-Line) contains the unreleased dance track "Conflict". And the recent V/A - Machineries Of Joy Vol. II comp on Out Of Line/SPV Records was at #1 on Jan 17, 2003 on the DAC charts. The Azoic was featured with their hit "Lost".

Friday, January 17, 2003 in Columbus, OH at the Music Factory. The Azoic (performing brand new material!) with Twine, Joshua Treble, and Pressure Penetration
This will be an amazing 700+ person venue and line-up, not to be missed!

Re>generation Magazine, has voted NILAIHAH RECORDS as the 'Most Promising Record Label'. "Led by Kristy Venrick, frontwoman for The Azoic, Nilaihah signed three more acts to its roster and released two additional albums. With a vision that includes electronic variety and the release of the crucial album "Sublimation," Nilaihah may soon grow to be a creative and influential powerhouse."

Re>generation Magazine, has voted 'NULL DEVICE - Sublimation' as one of the top 10 albums of 2002! "The quintessential album from a band that is poised to revolutionize synthpop. Sublimation proves that if you break from formulaic songwriting, good things happen."

DJ Duracell/CopperTop voted 'BACKLASH - Impetus' on her top 10 of 2002 stating it is "wonderful synthpop with absolutely dreamy female vox, both upbeat and downtempo."

Has just received 2 remixes for their upcoming CD "The Fine Line Between Love and Hate" from Assemblage 23 and Forma Tadre. Both are sure to be club favorites. They are awaiting a third from and then the CD will go off to be pressed! We'll keep you posted...

Have recently been featured on 3 European compilations released in Nov/Dec of 2002! The Machineries of Joy vol, 2 (Out of Line, Germany) features the song "Lost", Trinity (Darkcell, UK/Hidden Sanctuary) also features the song "Lost", and Venusa XX vol. 2 (Alfa-Matrix/Side-Line, Belgium) features the *new and unreleased* song "Conflict" from their upcoming fourth CD. Check these out!

is still going on until 12.30.02. On any order of $25 or more through NILAIHAH RECORDS and receive a FREE compilation CD of your choice!

We are excited to announce Distorted Reality to the Nilaihah Records roster! brings us deep sultry female vocals mixed with driving dark dance beats. Distorted Reality are Martha Arce (from Deep Red) and Christian Kobusch creating some amazing music that you don't want to miss! Look for their upcoming CD 'The Fine Line Between Love and Hate' to be released in early 2003. It will be a combination of the German release by the same name (on Accession Records) with different artwork and new remixes by Assemblage 23,, and Forma Tadre).

A year later, The Azoic return to their original birthplace, Columbus, OH, for a huge show at the Music Factory on January 17, 2003. You don't want to miss this performance, including brand new material from their forthcoming CD!

Details about the upcoming CD are surfacing... Look for a further continuation of forward with more punch in mid 2003. Along with that, will be several performances across the US and possibly throughout Europe.

If you have any photos of The Azoic, please send them to (with the proper photo credit) and we will post them to the website.

Backlash are busy working on new material for a tentative release in mid 2003. And if you haven't picked up their US debut of Impetus yet, what are you waiting for? It's been dubbed one of the best releases of 2002 by more people than we can keep track of. Listen for yourself!

Their 4th CD is almost complete and is tentatively entitled 'Forever, Neverafter'. We are just as anxious as you to hear it! Look for this release to hit clubs and stores in early 2003.

Dark Circles Radio rates "How" from NULL DEVICE's debut Sublimation as the best song of 2002 on their recent radio show in the Santa Cruz/San Francisco Bay area!

What are your favorite songs from the Nilaihah roster? We are taking a poll for an upcoming compilation and need your help! You get to choose which songs will appear on the CD. Voice your opinion! send your votes to

Have a great holiday season and see you in 2003!

Just in time for the holidays...
From now until 12.30.02, on any order of $25 or more through NILAIHAH RECORDS and receive a FREE compilation CD of your choice! Order through our catalog via secure credit card or by printing out an orderform via check/money order. Click here for more details. Please mention which CD you prefer in the 'special instructions' area online (at CCNow) or write it on the mailed orderform.

Choose from:
V/A - Resistor (electronic, industrial, darkwave comp)
V/A - Circuit Noir 2 (noise, experimental, industrial comp)
V/A - How to Make a New Friend vol. 3 (synth pop, EBM comp)

You should now start to see Nilaihah Record's releases in select BEST BUY
stores. Keep us posted ( if you can't get Nilaihah
releases in your area. Please help support independent labels!

If you noticed recently, we've had some email problems over the last month, but all is resolved! Our web hosting added a new server at the last minute which caused email problems and temporary website downtime. We are assured all is running smoothly now. So, if you had an unanswered email in the past month, please resend it, just to be sure we received it. Thanks and again, our apologies for any inconveniences!

We will be away for most of the month of October, but our absence should only affect your email replies.

In a month or two, you should start to see Nilaihah Record's releases available at your local BEST BUY. We are very excited about this collaboration. Also, in select HMV's across CANADA, look for Nilaihah releases.

We want to be more accessible for our fans so make sure you look for us at a store near you in the future! If you still cannot find Nilaihah Records releases in your area, email us or tell your favorite store to stock our reeleases!

Keep an eye out for Nilaihah releases infiltrating throughout the UK/EUROPE via Darkcell Digital Music and PROSONIC. We are also discussing a few deals in GERMANY as well...

A new interview with Kristy of Nilaihah Records is up.


Finally! New LIVE photos have been posted from recent concerts.

There is a new interview in Re:generation Magazine - taken from The Azoic's recent show in Cincinnati. Also, check out new reviews of The Azoic's "forward" CD.

Fiction 8 is busy working on their follow-up to Chaotica and hope to have
it finished by early 2003. We will keep you posted on more details
as soon as they come available...

And there is a new interview and review on the Albion Batcave's website.

Sublimation has been getting great reviews!

New music is already in progress. The new stuff is sprawling, epic stuff
blending many styles. Live shows are being assembled now...

Dayton, OH - Fri. Oct 4th - w/ Imperative Reaction, Flesh Field, and Cruciform Injection
Chicago, IL - Sat. Oct 5th - w/ Imperative Reaction and Mors Syphilitica

**Please resend any email from 7/27-7/29 AND 8/16-8/19 while we had some DNS/server problems. Just getting adjusted to a new provider and all our internet toys!


NULL DEVICE - Sublimation - addictively melodic vocals merged with Synth-Pop, EBM, Electronic Dance, a bit of The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and the Pet Shop Boys.

BACKLASH - Impetus
- Pure Electro Pop. Imagine Trip-Hop (Hooverphonic) mixed with older Industrial beats (Front 242), a bit of drum n' bass and female vocals.

CD's are available directly through Nilaihah, Metropolis,, A Different Drum, and more

Null Device and Backlash also have several upcoming CD release parties in cities across the US. Check here for locations.

Washington, DC - Fri. Aug 30th - w/ Mindless Faith, 51 Peg, and Click
Pittsburgh, PA - Sat. Aug 31st - w/ Flesh Field and Otto's Daughter
and two in October that are being confirmed....

Listen to a preview of their new song "Conflict"
and, view MP3 song clips from ALL of the NILAIHAH artists

THE AZOIC recently appeared on the UK's Cyberpolis 2 - (DCD compilation).
FICTION 8 and THE AZOIC appear on the new Trinity compilation.


Our apologies for the recent website down time and any unreceived / unanswered emails while we switched from one hosting company to another. There were some unforeseen difficulties, but all is back to normal. You may want to resend any emails from 7/27/02 - 7/29/02, just in case we didn't receive them. Thanks!

Backlash-Impetus CD has been officially released! Make sure you get your hands on this stunning release!

NULL DEVICE - Sublimation CD has been officially released! Make sure you get your hands on this awesome debut!

2 shows this weekend for THE AZOIC
Friday, JULY 5, 2002 - CINCINNATI, OH
and Saturday, JULY 6, 2002 - DETROIT, MI
more info here

An interview with Kristy of THE AZOIC at Albion/The Batcave

NULL DEVICE - Sublimation to be released July 23, 2002
and BACKLASH - Impetus to be released on August 6, 2002
Now booking for CD release parties. Email

Order directly through NILAIHAH RECORDS online (via secure credit card).
Click here for a list of distributors and stores that carry us!


NULL DEVICE's debut CD "Sublimation" will be available July 23, 2002!
Also look for BACKLASH's first ever US release, "Impetus" to be available in August.

Also check out Gothic Paradise's feature on Nilaihah Records and their new reviews of 'The Azoic - forward...', 'Dissonance - reincarnate', and Fiction 8's recent live performance.


Perform on Saturday, JUNE 8th in Salt Lake City - Dark Arts Festival and release Chaotica in Europe!

Upcoming shows in Cincinnati, Detriot, and Pittsburgh. Click here for more details. Contact for booking or inquiry about shows. They also working on new material and a possible remix EP.

New reviews were added for their latest release, 'reincarnate', which is
still making waves among electronic fans everywhere. In the vein of NIN,
The Eurythmics, and Battery with deep, sultry female vocals and a cover of
the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby."

The debut release, 'Sublimation', will be released in early July. You can hear sound clips here that are with catchy Electronic Synth-Pop songs with strong Industrial influences, EBM dance beats, and soothing vocals. 14 songs of pure bliss including a remix by Stromkern and a cover of The Smiths' "There is a Light". If you are a fan of Depeche Mode, Wolfsheim, Pet Shop Boys, Iris, or B! Machine, this is a must have! For CD release parties contact

An amazing Electronic Trip Hop band from Sweden with female vocals, catchy melodies, bass heavy drums, and older Industrial influences. Nilaihah Records will license 'Impetus' in North America from Memento Materia Records. This is their *first* US release ever and will be available in July of 2002. It will include tracks from their 2001 Swedish release of 'Impetus' (which was nominated for best Alternative Pop album of 2001 for the Swedish Music Awards) and their 2002 'Blind EP'. For CD release parties contact

In order to get ready for 2 new releases, we are having a *HUGE* CD sale to move inventory. All CD's are only $10 (plus shipping and handling, which is $12 ppd in the US and slightly more elsewhere) only through NILAIHAH RECORDS until July 1, 2002. Don't pass up this opportunity!

*With every order from now until July 1st, you will receive a FREE Synth-Pop, Electronic Dance CD sampler that includes New Clear Sky, Fiction 8, Psyche, The Azoic, Color Theory, Dissonance, Voice Industrie and more!*

Keep the underground scene strong by supporting your favorite bands/labels. Copy kills music.


NILAIHAH RECORDS signs NULL DEVICE! Melodic Synth-Pop, Industrial dance hooks, and harmonic vocals. Their influences range from Depeche Mode to drum 'n bass to The Smiths. Look for their debut release 'Sublimation' due out in July of 2002!

Perform at GothCon 2002 in New Orleans on March 28th-30th.

Their recent release, forward, is still making waves across dancefloors across the world. It's been compared to Funker Vogt, Decoded Feedback, and VNV Nation with female vocals.

They just completed an industrial dance remix of the Dream Disciples UK club hit Room 57. There is a new interview withKristy of The Azoic at Albion/The Batcave's website and they are working on new material for their 4th CD, as well as club remixes. In preparation for the new release, The Azoic will be playing select shows across the US.

Their newest release, 'reincarnate' is still turning heads among fans of NIN, The Eurythmics, and Battery, with deep, sultry female vocals on such hits as "Desperate", "Anxiety", "Eleanor Rigby" (Beatles cover), "Fearless", and "Tightrope". They defy genres, but retain their dark pop roots. Pick up this stunning release today.
Nilaihah Records would like to thank everyone who ordered merchandise during the recent 9.11 events. $3 of every CD/T-shirt sale went to the American Red Cross from 9.13 until the end of September. Over $50 was raised and donated. We want to thank everyone who helped during these recent tragic events.

T-SHIRT SALE - Our new special (through the end of 2001) is a SALE on all T-shirts ordered directly from Nilaihah Records via credit card at or by check and money order. T-shirts are now only $13 within the US, and that includes shipping! Choose from Nilaihah Records, The Azoic, Fiction 8, in both t-shirts, and baby tees. Quantities are limited so get yours before their gone!

DISSONANCE - Dissonance's new CD, 'reincarnate', will finally be available on Tuesday, November 13th. A long awaited day for the fans that have been anticipating their new material that was produced by Lars Hansen of Oneiroid Psychosis. "Imagine deep, rich female vocals merged with darkwave pop, creative hooks, and amazing production. Includes a cover of "Eleanor Rigby" (by the Beatles) and remixes from Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12. A must have release from this talented duo who were first discovered by Paul Robb of Information Society." See when the CD release party for 'reincarnate' is happening near you at

FICTION 8 - Fiction 8 is giving away 50 CD-R's of their upcoming remixes that will be included on Cryonica's European release of 'Chaotica' at Rock Island TODAY, Thursday, Nov 8th. Tonight will also include a CD release party for The Azoic's 'forward...' CD and is Michael's birthday! If you live in Denver, don't miss this event!

THE AZOIC - The Azoic's 'forward...' is still receiving much acclaim and club play all across the world. They are already working on new material and a remix of "Lost." Look for some other exclusive remixes to reveal themselves in the near future... And if you're a die hard Azoic fan, you can now download your very own screen saver created by an amazing musician and friend, Dave Scott. It's located at the bottom of the 'forward...' CD page,

WEBSITE - Slowly, we have been updating the website to include even more information, graphics, photos, banners, and most importantly, sound files. Make sure you check out the sound clips from all the bands at and all the new additions as you browse through the band and CD listings.

CONTEST - The new contest involves your favorite band on Nilaihah Records, your favorite song by that band, and why it means so much to you. Please email your replies to with "contest" in the subject. The winners, chosen by the bands, will receive a free CD or T-shirt of their choice from our catalog. 3 winners will be chosen and the deadline is Nov 30, 2001. Good luck to all...

TRAGEDY - We would first like to express our deepest condolenses to all affected both directly and indirectly by the recent US events. It is a very troubling time and support is needed by all. So, Nilaihah Records would like to help in by donating $3 to the American Red Cross for every CD or T-shirt that is ordered from now until Sept 30th. This way you can feel good about ordering music and supporting a cause. Please let everyone know so we can really help as much as possible. Either order through the website at via secure credit card or by printing out the orderform and sending in check or money order.

I would also like to mention that I appreciate everyone who contacts Nilaihah Records and apologize for recent delays. We took a much needed break to finish other tasks and realize what it was like to relax. The website has been recently updated and a new look is still on the way. I'll keep everyone posted and my apologies for any inconveniences.

TOUR THANKS - Fiction 8 and The Azoic would like to thank everyone who helped and came out to the shows in their recent (June/July) tour across the Midwest and East Coast. It was a great experience and we met a lot of awesome people, as well as saw many old friends. If you missed the shows, take a peek at an Azoic video of "Lost" created by Ross Ingle from our recent Phoenix, AZ show. You can download either a lo-fi (1.2megs) or hi-fi version (8megs) at We are currently trying to collect photos for the website from the tour and have posted some new photos. Please email if you have any more photos to share and include credits for inclusion on the Nilaihah website.

THE AZOIC - Their 3rd CD 'forward...' is receiving rave reviews and can be heard here. Itwas even voted CD of the month at and was on A Different Drum's top 20 best seller list for weeks! CD release parties are now being scheduled.

DISSONANCE - has finished their sophomore release, 'Reincarnate', to be released in November on Nilaihah Records. It will include all the strong female vocals and dance hooks you've come to love them for, but now they've added strong production (by Lars Hansen of Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12) and a slighly darker electro bent than their debut. An amazing collection of songs with emotion, power, drive, and hooks, it's something you'll want to check out. It also contains 2 remixes from Oneiroid Psychosis and Signal 12. And, soon to be up and running is Dissonance's new official site at (The .mu is for music)

FICTION 8 - Is busy remixing and being remixed... They are also gearing up for their European release of 'Chaotica' on Cryonica Records this fall. If you don't own 'Chaotica' yet, don't be the last on your block to have this amazing release!

INTERVIEW - Kristy, owner of Nilaihah Records, did an interview a few months ago for that is now posted on their website. Check out the insightful questions she was asked to hear her view on music and more.

- Side-Line Magazine's 'V/A - Venusa XX' double female vocal electro compilation CD is now available and features both Fiction 8 and The Azoic. A few other artists include Haujobb, Hexedene, Distorted Reality, In the Nursery, La Floa Maldita, Claire Voyant, and Collide. Also available is 'V/A - Accession Records - Vol. 1 compilation' featuring The Azoic - "Progression" remix by Assemblage 23 which has been receiving a lot of club play!

- The new website is slowly coming along and the current website is being updated periodically. If anyone is interesting in helping us maintain this ever growing site, please contact with "website" in the subject. We also need more help with street teams and promotion, so if you're interested, are motivated, and love our music, drop us an email with "street team" in the subject.

CONTEST - This month's contest involves your favorite band on Nilaihah Records, your favorite song by that band, and why it means so much to you. Please email your replies to with "contest" in the subject. The winner, chosen by the bands, will receive 1 free CD or 1 T-shirt of their choice from our catalog. 3 winners will be chosen and the deadline is Sept 30, 2001. Good luck to all...

It's been a few months since the last update and there is a lot of updates.

TOURING - Fiction 8 and The Azoic are going on tour! Be sure not to miss these wild ones on a stage near you! Contact our booking agent, Rick, at if you are interested in a performance in your area.

THE AZOIC - are FINALLY releasing their 3rd CD, entitled 'forward...' on June 19th. New hard hitting dance tracks and catchy beats with fiery female vocals plus remixes by Assemblage 23, Flesh Field, Fiction 8, and Oneiroid Psychosis. Expect nothing like you've heard from them before, but somehow they still retain elements of their unique (and somewhat trademark) sound. Take a listen to these brand new sound clips here.

ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS - Oneiroid Psychosis' 'dreams (with pollutions when virile)' is completely mastered, but it's the amazing artwork by Paul Nitsche that we are all awaiting to complete this stellar masterpiece. If you like dark movie scores with an overload of emotion and amazing production, then this CD is for you! It is so intense and undescribable that my hands went numb the first time I heard it. In fact, you too can hear a taste of "Withering and Wishing" by clicking the "news" at

FICTION 8 - Fiction 8's 'Chaotica' is still tearing up dance floors across the world. Don't forget to purchase your very own copy of this stellar CD that has received rave reviews. Just listen to sound clips here and then click on our secure credit card ordering to have your very own sent within days! Soon, 'Chaotica' will also be released domestically in Europe on Cryonica Records, home to Inertia.

DISSONANCE - is completing their sophomore release that will debut on Nilaihah Records. The music and vocals have been recorded with the help of Lars from Oneiroid Psychosis. Cat Hall, the voice of Dissonance, can also be found singing on Signal 12's latest release, Aphonia.

COMPS - Resistor is still rated one of the top dark electro compilations across the world. Just listen for yourself to see why it's become the comp to have! The Azoic appears on Accession Records' newest compilation entitled, 'Accession Records Volume One', which celebrates their first 5 years with a remix of "Progression" by Assemblage 23. Both FICTION 8 and THE AZOIC appear on Side-Line Magazine's newest compilation, 'Venusa XX - a 2CD collection of femina vox', released on Triton Records. It includes Fiction 8's track "Somnabule", The Azoic's track "Progression", and a Hexedene remix by Fiction 8. And lastly, both Oneiroid Psychosis and The Azoic contributed songs to a memorial scholarship compilation entitled Only Sorrow. It is in memory of Ellen Claire Lawrence and can be purchased at

WEBSITE - Nilaihah Records is unveiling a new website soon!We will keep you posted as soon as it is uploaded... :) Just click here to listen to the Nilaihah bands. Many updates were recently added under shows, news, photos, reviews, etc. Take a peek.

CONTEST - What live songs do you want to hear most from Fiction 8 and The Azoic? It can be anything from their current and previous releases, but is all up to YOU, the fans! We need your input to create a memorable tour! Send all suggestions to with any other comments/suggestions you may have regarding our upcoming live shows.

As of 4.24.2001, Nilaihah Records lost ALL emails and email addresses from the past 7 months thanks to a Microsoft glitch. It is imperative that we try to recover as much as possible with your help. . Please RESEND any email you have sent to THE AZOIC, Nilaihah Records, or Kristy of Nilaihah Records from Oct. 1, 2000 to Apr. 24, 2001 that had important contact info or information, any fan mail, or thanks for the bands/label . We love to hear from you and will be replying to ALL unanswered emails from the past. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused and we always appreciate your comments, effort, and time! Feel free to forward this to help us inform everyone this may affect.

- Oneiroid Psychosis' 4th album, 'dreams (with pollutions when virile)', is merely awaiting artwork completion for it's release. It is the ultimate dark film score; somewhat similar to their previous material, but miles beyond in so many ways. They definitely have matured even more and found their true sound.

FICTION 8 - Chaotica is getting a lot of attention! It's being called a "must have" album of infectious dark pop/dance. Don't forget, you can always order via credit card directly from our site:
Fiction 8 is also on a new European double CD comp called 'Cryonica Tanz vol. 1' with the song "It's Over Now," as well as an F8 remix of a new AÏBOFORCEN track. You can order it directly from

THE AZOIC - They are finishing more new songs for their upcoming 3rd release and are excited by the dancier direction.
The Azoic's dance hit "Progression" (from the V/A-Resistor comp) will appear on 2 upcoming European compilations: +Side-Line Magazine's 'Venusa XX' double CD featuring female vocals +an ASSEMBLAGE 23 [dirge] mix of "Progression" on Accession Records' upcoming 5 year anniversary comp, 'Accession Records Volume One', due out at the end of March.

DISSONANCE - After recently hearing new versions of songs from their demo CD, plus a few new songs, Nilaihah Records' anxiously awaits their 2nd CD's completion. David Sebrind and Cat Hall put their hearts into everything they create.

Happy New Year from Nilaihah Records!

FICTION 8 - Chaotica
CD release parties are being held all across the US in January and February. Visit here for the release party near you.

Oneiroid Psychosis have completed their new album, "Dreams (with pollutions when virile)", and only need to finish the artwork. Look for updates on this highly anticipated release in the near future...

FICTION 8 will have their *LIVE* CD release show in Denver on DEC 8th at Club Onyx. Check their website for details.

Nilaihah Records is looking for help with promotion of Chaotica so any interested DJ's, clubs, or promoters interesting in a CD release party or helping promote our music in your area should contact us.

Nilaihah recently signed DISSONANCE from Dallas, TX. Catchy dark pop electronics with female vocals. They are working on their 2nd CD, which will be produced by Lars of Oneiroid Psychosis, and will be released in 2001.

FICTION 8's highly anticipated 3rd release, "Chaotica", will be out on Nov 14, 2000. This CD is an amazing blend of Industrial Dance and catchy Synth pop melodies that will keep you on the dance floor. Check out some of the new songs here

Oneiroid Psychosis has announced the title of their upcoming (and 4th) CD, "Dreams (with pollutions when virile)." It will be out early 2001 so keep checking back for mopre details. This will be the first OP album completely produced and recorded at Psylabs. They are VERY excited about this release. And please note, Psychosis Labs has moved to

Check out the new additions to the website - catalog, links, etc. And, don't forget to copy one of our *new* banners onto your site and link to us!

We are proud to announce FICTION 8 is now a part of the Nilaihah family. They will be releasing their 3rd (and best) CD entitled 'Chaotica' in early November.

Also, The Azoic is getting ready to finally release their 3rd full length CD with remixes from Assemblage 23, Flesh Field, God Module, Android Lust, Dubok, Fiction 8, Oneiroid Psychosis, and more.

More RESISTOR reviews. It has even been voted the #1 compilation CD in a poll from Morbid Outlook. Pick your copy up today!

And, Cleopatra's Cocteau Twin's tribute album is now out with "Treasure Hiding" reinterpreted by Oneiroid Psychosis and Kristy of The Azoic.

New interview with Kristy about Nilaihah Records and The Azoic in Starvox Webzine.

'RESISTOR' has been out just over a week and it's receiving RAVE reviews already! People are calling it the best comp they've heard in years!

Nilaihah now has ONLINE ordering through CCNow. You can order via credit card and it's secure. All our releases at your fingertips.

THE AZOIC is climbing the MP3 charts with "Progression" at #4 in Industrial Electronic and "The Distance" at #10 in Darkwave. Check it out! They also have a DAM CD of unreleased material for sale only on

Official release date for the RESISTOR comp is MARCH 28, 2000. This is a *must have* CD of unreleased material. Click here to see the artwork and song order. Preorders are being accepted now.

Finally, new, UNRELEASED music on from THE AZOIC. Now you can buy our latest songs through on a DAM CD! Also please support Hidden Santuary Radio, with all the best new goth/industrial.

Check out the January issue of OUTBURN magazine for an interview with THE AZOIC and a few words about the RESISTOR comp.

the Darkness and the Machine v.2 comp will be released February 15th with tracks from both The Azoic and Oneiroid Psychosis.

The bands have been chosen for 'resistor', the Nilaihah Records/Arts Industria comp. They are Bio-Tek, Fiction 8, Heavy Water Factory, Attrition, Magenta, TNV w/ Athan Maroulis, Inertia, Advent Sleep w/ Anita Haxsaw, This Ascension, Autumn, the Machine in the Garden, Distorted Reality, god module, Manhole Vortex, Oneiroid Psychosis, and The Azoic.

Dion Fortune's 'H.P. Lovecraft tribute album and Tinman's ' Ringworm v. 1'comp. are available now featuring Oneiroid Psychosis songs. The Hansen brothers have also created the new ROAD RASH Jailbreak theme song. The game will be released by SONY January of 2000 and the song is a Signal 12 creation called "Bye, Bye Biff".

Cleopatra's 'The Unquiet Grave Vol. 2,' Carpe Mortem's 'Darkness and the Machine Volume II', Final Exit's 'Songs for Maurius', and Base Asylum's 'issue 2' will all be available soon and feature both Oneiroid Psychosis and The Azoic songs.

The compilation is coming together quickly. With over 90 band submissions and some brilliant music, we are now deciding the line-up. Expect it to hit stores in January of 2000.

Gridlock just completed a remix of Oneiroid Psychosis' 'Wandering of the Womb' and The Azoic have finished recording 2 new tracks for their upcoming CD. Anyone interested in remixing music by either of these bands should email

The Azoic and Oneiroid Psychosis were recently artists of the week for In Perpetual Motion internet radio and Legends magazine. Thanks to Mac, Marcus, and Jett!
Both bands have also been added to at and

Our latest release, an Arts Industria and Nilaihah Records compilation is being compiled. It will be an electro, industrial, darkwave, EBM comp featuring some of the best bands out there. We are accepting submissions and more info at: So far, the submissions have been coming in like crazy and the deadline for submissions isn't until November 7th! Don't let this discourage you. We are still looking for more great material because this complation could turn into a double CD. Wait until you see the line-up...

And speaking of compilations, both Oneiroid Psychosis and The Azoic will be on quite a few upcoming comps such as Tinman's 'Ringworm v.1', magnetic resonance 'dissent', Carpe Mortem's 'Darkness and the Machine vol.2', Final Exit's 'Songs for Maurius,' and Base Asylum 'issue 2.' All of The Azoic material is unreleased.

OP is also building a new studio. Upon completion, they will begin to finalize their 4th release and add more guest vocals...

NILAIHAH RECORDS has a new address. The old address no longer works. Please send *ALL* correspondence to:
P.O. BOx 82614
Columbus, OH 43202

Unfortunately, our tour (Oneiroid Psychosis and The Azoic) has been delayed until early next year. In it's place will be a new compilation CD featuring some great well-known industrial and darkwave acts. Plans are to have this CD compilation released in January 2000. More details to follow...

Both ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS and THE AZOIC can now be found on Have a listen to new and older material in either RA or the MP3 format. Also, catalogs are now available and new stickers just arrived for both bands. Just email or write for your very own. (Must send SASE for free sticker.)

Oneiroid Psychosis will finally be releasing their much anticipated 3rd full length release, 'Garden of Remebrance' through Nilaihah Records. Many apologies for the delay. It is a slight divergence from their harder side, but still the same sound you expect from the Hansen brothers. Imagine an ambient journey through a Medieval town in Central Europe. A mystical experience to say the least in the vein of Gridlock and Projekt's atmospherics. It will be released on June1st. Check for a release party near you.

Nilaihah Records is now distributing Oneiroid Psychsosis's previous CD's on Decibel Records. Stillbirth, Fantasies About Illness, and Assuage (CD single) are available through our catalog.

The Azoic are working diligently on their 3rd CD and hope to release it early next year. They also appear on Cleopatra Record's 'The Unquiet Grave' compilation and the UEF's 'Circuit Noir 2' compilation. Both were released in April and are available now. Other compilations featuring The Azoic will be released soon also with new unreleased material.
older Azoic news

Nilaihah Records plans to release an industrial/darkwave/EBM electronic compilation this year, of both new and recognized acts in these genres. We have no set date as of yet because we are focusing on quality. Please send all submissions on CD-R, DAT, or tape format along with a press kit to:
Nilaihah Records
attn: comp. submission
P.O. BOx 82614
Columbus, OH 43202