Garden of Remembrance
May 1999 | Nilaihah Records

Sure to please all the fans of Gridlock, David Lynch, and the more atmospheric side of Projekt. Midieaval darkwave with epic drum marches create a dark, introspective movie score.

Full Length CD 13 songs
US: $14 ppd / Outside US: $16 ppd

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CD Track Order and Sound Files
listen to MP3 files

01. Dark Day

02. October - MP3

03. Solace of the Shadows
04. Galatea
- MP3
05. Wandering of the Womb
06. Tristesse
- MP3
07. Mircalla

08. Long Lost - MP3

09. lea
10. A Soul Upon All This
11. Carmilla
12. Cloud of Unknowing
13. Nihil Novum Sub Sole
- MP3

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