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V/A: Fourplay vol 1 - CD 2006

Re:Gen Magazine




Re:Gen Magazine
Nilaihah Records offers up their own version of the increasingly popular quadruple single on this CD, which features four songs each from four of the label's more popular acts. Rome-based XP8 starts things off with some new mixes from their recent album, Hrs:Min:Sec; DJ Delobbo offers a strong psychedelic trance mix of "Bleed and Shout" that's heavy on the beat and light on melody, for example, and GASR brings out the sinister side of "Muv Your Dolly" with some industrial percussion and a stronger emphasis on Paul Toohill's vocal hooks. GASR is also featured, with several mixes of "Heavy," from their forthcoming second album, Reptile. Lead singer Gary Suarez's affected British accent is a bit puzzling, but works well with the song's melodic arpeggios and bass-heavy rhythm section, and though Lost Signal and Interface's remixes aren't as diverse as one might hope, exclusive track "Digital" provides a bit of much needed variety with its almost-whispered vocals and minor-key synths. Interface's tracks might be the weakest of the bunch in terms of lyrics and vocal work, but the New York duo's production is exquisite, and these tracks are nicely diverse, ranging from slick synthpop on "Stranger in a Strange Land" to hard trance beats on "Escape." By far the standout offering on this CD, however, comes from Ghost & Writer, the new collaboration between Seabound vocalist Frank Spinath and Jimmyjoe Snark III of The Weathermen. "From Hell" starts off with just a hint of treated piano adorned by Spinath's emotive singing, then gradually adds some mellow yet crunchy breakbeat rhythms; a remix by Iris is even more minimal, with a single twanging melody line emphasizing lush vocal layering. "Hitman," though perhaps not as emotionally intense, is unabashedly geared to the dance floor, with Spinath delivering almost spoken phrases over a solid house beat, and is guaranteed to win over fans of EBM, techno, and synthpop alike. While the entirety of this compilation doesn't quite measure up to Ghost & Writer's contributions, this is a solid release sure to please fans of the featured artists.

Matthew Johnson (Associate Editor) - Re:Gen Magazine

Nilaihah records starts with a cd single compilation with a format of 4 singles from 4 bands on one cd as well. This first Fourplay series has singles from XP8, Ghost & Writer, Gasr and Interface.

First we listen to the single 'Frames' from XP8, with on it some of the best remixes they have let made in recent years for songs from their latest cd HRS:MIN:SEC. The remix by DJ Lee of 'Dreamt of Blue' really adds to the original of this trance oriented futurepop tune. It is finished now. This track had already been added to the US edition of their latest cd. The Fault is a stiill unknown Italian project that turns 'Cuttin' n Drinkin' into a dancefloor centered Combichrist flavored remake. DJ Delobbo shows his well known trademark trance sound in the playful remix of 'Bleed & Shout'. Striking and surprising to me is the remix of 'Muv Your Dolly' by Gasr, with very nice sounds and samples added.

Next up is Ghost & Writer, a project with Frank Spinath (Edge of Dawn, Seabound) on vocals. Ghost & Writer introduce the briljant 'From Hell' with very strong lyrics and vocals, which is also featured in a slight drum &bass influenced remix by Iris on this compilation. The second track 'Hitman' is musicwise a bit more monotone, and also present in a remix by File Not Found.

Gasr hereafter annoys me because of the bad nu-metal like vocals, but the 'Digital' track is quite nice. 'Heavy' is the actual single and this track is not fun at all, not even in a remix by Lost Signal or Interface.

As last artist it is turn for Interface who are represented with 'Stranger in a Strange Land' in a very well done club remix and a boring slower remix by Fiction 8. Then the anthem like 'Escape (Momentum remix)' which is a very strong track and a Gold Paralax mix of 'Doubts and Fears'. Then a last hidden track with 'Beyond Human (luhotyk Mutation)' remixed by Y-Luk-O.

This compilation has three nice singles from XP8, Ghost & Writer and Interface, and one miss from Gasr. A nice and affordable way of exploring new material of bands it surely is, this 4 singles on one cd format.

TekNoir - Gothtronic

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