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This is a list of places where you can download songs and albums from NILAIHAH RECORDS bands. (Direct links for each release on iTunes and BuyMusic listed below - please scroll down...) If you know of any digital distro stores that carry our CD's that are not listed, please let us know the store name and URL. If you have a question about where you can locate NILAIHAH RECORDS releases in your city, please email

Download individual tracks from the Nilaihah bands on:Apple iTunes, AudioLunchbox, Bitmunk, BuyMusic, Daiki, Destra, Emusic, FiXT, GreatIndieMusic, Interia, Mouzika, MP3tunes,MSN Music, MusicIsHere, MusicNet, Napster, NetMusic, PayPlay,Puretracks, QTRnote, Rhapsody, Sony Connect, Tradebit, USEN Corporation and Verizon Wireless for around $1. Now you can support the bands and hear your favorite bands!

**Also check our distribution page for more places to find NILAIHAH RECORDS CD's and merchandise.**

Below are direct links to your favoirte digital download sites!

Apple iTunes Links

Sonik Foundry- Parish of Redemption
End: the DJ – Fires on the Shores
Ad Inferna – DSM
XMH – State of Mind
Silent Auction – H on Earth
Interface – Body Flow
Level 2.0 – Armageddon
Bow Ever Down – Product of My Pain
Interface – Visions of Modern Life
Interface – Destination Focus
Unheilig – Puppenspiel
GASR – Reptile
The Azoic – Re:Illumination (the Mixes)
Null Device – Excursions
Various Artists – Fourplay vol. 1
Distorted Reality – Daydreams and Nightmares
Interface – Beyond Humanity
Interface – Angels in Disguise
Invisible Ballet – Escaping Light
GASR – Survival of the Fittest
The Azoic – Illuminaten
Blind Faith and Envy – The Charming Factor
Null Device – A Million Different Moments
Fiction 8- Forever, Neverafter
The Azoic – Conflict
Distorted Reality – The Fine Line Between Love and Hate
Backlash – Impetus
Null Device – Sublimation
Sonik Foundry- Parish of Redemption
Dissonance – Reincarnate
The Azoic – Forward…
Fiction 8 – Chaotica mp3 links
Various Artists – Resistor



The following can be purchased at Apple iTunes:  
The Azoic: forward...
The Azoic: Illuminate
Backlash: Impetus
The Azoic: Conflict
Fiction 8: Chaotica
Null Device: Sublimation
Dissonance: Reincarnate
Null Device: A Million Different Moments
The Azoic: Where Broken Angels Lie
Gasr: Survival of the Fittest
Invisible Ballet: Escaping Light
Interface: Beyond Humanity
Null Device: Excursions
Distorted Reality: Daydreams and Nightmares
GASR: Reptile
Unheilig: Puppenspiel
Interface: Destination Focus
Bow Ever Down: The Product of my Pain
Interface: Visions of Modern Life
Interface: Transit - EP
Level 2.0: Armageddon
Interface: Body Flow - EP
Null Device: Suspending Belief
Silent Auction: H On Earth
XMH: State of Mind
END: The DJ: Fires On The Shore
Level 2.0: Battle Sight Zer0
Ad Inferna: DSM
Ad Inferna: There Is No Cure
Ad Inferna: eXsangue
Xiescive: Nexus
Lestat: Arisen
Sonik Foundry: Parish of Redemption
Sonik Foundry: Explosive
Level 2.0: Elevate EP
00tz 00tz: Alter Eden
Distorted Reality: The Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Also check out our releases on FiXT !