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Sorry! We are NOT accepting demos at this time. Please do not send.

How to submit demos:

NILAIHAH RECORDS is always eager to hear new and innovative bands within
the underground scene. Please feel free to send demos to the address
below. We focus on Industrial Dance, Trance, Dark Pop, Electro, Dub Step, Synth-Pop, Dark Electro, Melodic Noise, Trip-Hop, EBM, and the like.

Email submissions *are* accepted, but you MUST comply with the below requirements:

1. DO NOT sent MP3's, WAV files, AIFF, MOV, AVI, MPG, or any other larger format media. Instead, email us a LINK to the location of the files. Do not email large files. (If large sound files are sent, the submission will be deleted.)

2. Please include info about your band, including, but not limited to, a bio, cover letter, bio, photo, reviews and contact info. Basically a digital press kit.

3. Have "demo submission" in the subject line of the email.

4. Follow up (via email) on your submission 2 weeks after submitting.

5. Please be patient. We get a lot of submissions and only sign a few bands per year.

What we look for:
Bands with strong, catchy songs and lyrics, quality production, a good web presence, excellent promotion and social media ethics, experience, live performances, and most important, a desire to succeed/invest the time and effort. We, of course, are there to work in conjunction with you and take you to that "next level."

send demos to:
nilaihah (at) nilaihah (dot) com with "demo submission" in the subject line. We get too much email to search otherwise.


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