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"The Product Of My Pain", it's no wonder that Bow Ever Down has been invited in the meantime to hop aboard Nilaihah Records and Hitman Records (for the USA) as well. Nilaihah's best known as the home of its sensual futurepop founders, The Azoic, and B.E.D. certainly share their interest in trance-influence beats and lush female vocals. Though they're not quite as propulsive overall, "The Product Of My Pain" does house a few punchy numbers. "Glass Doll" certainly exemplifies this quality; glimmering with icy synths and a chugging to a crackling snare beat, Kimberly Kornmeier drifts between velvet accusations and wounded croon. Though its bass and snare hop are unfettered with distortion, her cadence is well syncopated with this plucky beat as well as its lightly bubbling arpeggios in the equally catchy "Burn". However, many moments are rather somber; perhaps it's the strains of occasional digital violin, but Kornmeier's ennui in "The Weak Shall Fall" evokes comparisons to the Crüxshadows, while the somber piano set to rumbling bass pad in "A Perfect World" bears some similarity to those darkwave titans, L'Âme Immortelle. Despite one being readily able to spot their influences, Bow Ever Down will certainly appeal to fans that appreciate such amalgamations of darkwave and futurepop. (VM:7/8)VM. Side-Line

A Different Drum
This latest offering from Nilaihah Records fits right in with the label's other popular sellers like The Azoic or Distorted Reality, where cool electro programing is teamed up with strong female lead vocals and an edgy attitude. - Todd Durant, A Different Drum

Bow Ever Down was established back in 1998, founded by Kimberly Kornmeier. The band also consist of Nick Deflaminis. Their latest installement "The Product Of My Pain" featuring 15 new songs including bonus tracks with remixes from Sonic Foundry and Andromeda 5 to make it just a bit over an hour in total playtime.

The music is best described as melodic electro pop with female vocals. The arrangements that this album offers is remarkably good and more or less every track has a distinct bass and striking melodies together with the voice from Kim makes this an enjoyable hour of great music. Included on the album is a cover version the 80's classics "Heart Of Glass" originally done by Blondie.

With this said, I can warmly recommend "The Product Of My Pain" to any heads out there who like sophisticated electro pop with crystal-clear soundscapes and amazing female vocals. ---Björn,

Reflections of Darkness
BOW EVER DOWN was recognized as best unsigned band in 2004 by Asleep by Dawn Magazine and has also been featured on Asleep by Dawn / Hot Topic compilations alongside Skinny Puppy, Ministry, Unheilig, Iris and more. The release ‘The product of my pain’ is their debut and in my opinion it’s full of nice and catchy songs. There are definitely some tracks which could be placed in a DJ-Set in clubs or whatever. It’s not that BOW EVER DOWN reinvented the wheel, in fact good OLD (!!!) Crüxshadows were brought to your mind with a glimpse of Inkubbus Sukkubus due to Kimberley Kornmeier’s voice. The cover of Blondie’s ‘Heart of Glass’ is really successful, so that you damn sure go for more. Their label tries to describe: “Rich, introspective female vocals merged with strong electro beats and hooks that are unforgettable. EBM, trance, and industrial, all with a melodic, emotional edge.” Rating Music: 8 Sound: 9 Total: 8.5 / 10 ---


Grave Concerns
Grave Concerns EZINE

ARTIST/ALBUM: Bow Ever Down Album: Rise or Die
LABEL: Hitman Records
REVIEWER: DJ NuDord - Craig Willers
DATE: 8-20-08

Wow! Right out of the gates, "Glass Doll" stuns me with dark bumpy passion. This band, hailing from Maine make exciting EBM/Goth tunes that won't quit.The other tracks "Carry On", "Embrace the Darkness" and "Bleed" also make for great dance floor gems. The singer (Kimberly Kornmeier) is great and reminds me of Berlin and Ego Likeness. Very passionate, plaintive and direct, she certainly makes the grade with her emotional performance. Nick Deflaminis rounds out the music with a great style that hints of Eighties and Industrial influences. The Risen LP is very affordable and is available on their Myspace site. Keep going!!! Du Nord B.E.D. can be found @ Updated ( Saturday, 23 August 2008 )

Bow Ever Down was started in 1998, by vocalist Kimberly Kornmeier. It was a dream she swore to see rise. After years of playing in rundown clubs, shefinally joined forces wth a new team of programmers and made manyaccomplishments.Bow Ever Down has played some great clubs including Draculas' Ball atclub shampoo in Philly, the Trocadero Theatre in Philly, CBGB in N.Y, cb'sgallery in N.Y.C, and QXT's in Newark N.JBow Ever Down also had the chance to play with some great bands includingThe Cruxshadows, Iris, The Last Dance, Melotron, and Carfax Abbey.Bow ever down appeared on several comps including one with Ministryand Skinny Puppy. Bow Ever Down put out their first 4 song E.P titledAll The Pieces...........sold on ISOTANK online. This year Bow Ever Downappeared once again on a comp. for Hot Topic stores.Bow Ever Down has appeared in several magazines including: Orkus (Germany)Origivation Magazine in Philly, and won best unsigned band 2004 in Asleep byDawn magazine.After a two year break, and losing members. Bow Ever Down is back onceagain with new members Dustin Oconnor(Keys and programming), and Nick Deflaminis (Live Keys, Programming, Mixing, Mastering, Sound).

From Jay Kantor: "Oh I LOVE Bow Ever Down. I did an interview with Kimberly back at Dracula's Ball in like 2003 or 2004, when they were opening I think for Iris. I still have the Demo they were passing out at the time. Of course I would like to continue to support Bow Ever Down"

From Jim Doyle: "BED's performance at Termination, was a great set! I would however like to continue promoting BED as a DJ and would be happy to spin whatever new material you could send me."

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Bow down to Bow Ever Down
November 18, 11:43 AM Atlanta Industrial Music Examiner Kane McVickar
In the spotlight this week is up and coming band Bow Ever Down on Nilaihah Records and Hitman Records USA With the recent release of their first full length album, Product of My Pain, Bow Ever Down has been moving inexorably forward. The proof of this comes from their fan support as they recently hit #1 with their song "Bleed" on the charts. A major part of the success that Bow Ever Down is enjoying right now is due to their amazing blend of Gothic vocals with a Synth-EBM sound. This is a band that has fought to get to where they are, and show no signs of slowing down. Check them out on myspace, Facebook, Vampirefreaks, doesn't matter where. Let this band know you like what you're hearing and want to hear more! The louder your voice, the harder it will be for them to resist playing Atlanta.


Dancing Ferret
[Bow Ever Down] shows not only promise for the future, but actual talent and achievement in the present. The lead vocalist offers clear, undistorted female vocals in the mid-low range, which immediately give [the band] a fairly distinctive sound. Programming is industrial/EBM, mostly aimed at the clubs, where BED is destined for certain success. Vocally and lyrically, there are hints of Gothic influence. If you're tired of EBM vocals done by a bunch of guys with heavy German accents (or faking them), this will likely be a breath of fresh air for you. ---DncngFerrt

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