last updated 5/25/99

March 9, 1999 - THE AZOIC live
Phoenix, AZ - The Killing Jar
all ages. venders, performances, only $6

'Where Broken Angels Lie' has been on
Radio Free Underground's CMJ TOP 25 since SEPTEMBER! We even hit #1 for a few weeks!

New songs are being recorded and there are plans for a summer tour....

Nilaihah Records, our label, just signed ONEIROID PSYCHOSIS! Look for their new CD, 'Garden of Remebrance' to be released in April '99 with tour to follow.

Wow! Finally. I think I have the new website done, except for a few Java additions. Niliahaih Records will also add a new site in the coming months.

The Azoic will be appearing on 2 *new* compilations. CLEOPATRA Records' newest compilation, 'the Unquiet Grave', due out March 1, 1999 and, The UEF (United Endangered Front) Records' 'Circuit Noir 2' will be released in February or March 1999 and feature an *unreleased* track called 'Paralyze'.

We also have a CD compilation in the works for 1999. It will feature Nilaihah Records' artists, some well known bands, and other suprises. It is still being comprised, so if you would like to know more information about this, please email Send submissions to:
Nilaihah Records
401 E. Oakland Ave.
Columbus, OH 43202

Two shows added for Oct 30th in Cleveland with Covenant, plus Nov 2nd in Columbus with the Electric Hellfire Club.

The Azoic are looking for new band members because Steve and I just can't keep up with all the work/music writing ourselves! We would like to explore new possibilities and at least add another keyboard player. We are still moving in a straight electro realm and looking for someone who can help write strong, solid music, and who is familiar with the recording process. Also, a possible cellist or violinist and live drummer.

If you would still like to help, but not musically, we could always use extra help for our record label, Nilaihah Records in Columbus, OH. Emails, graphics, website, press kits, advertisements, or whatever you can contribute. If interested, please contact about times and pay.

Today is Steve's 26th birthday!

We are getting ready to record new material and will be appearing on upcoming compilations. The 'Circuit Noir 2' compilation on The United Endangered Front Records will feature us with unreleased track 'Paralyze', which was performed on tour and well received. I assume it will be ready by early 1999.

Kristy has also been working on a few side projects. I'll keep you posted when these will be completed & available.

And, we are currently looking for any photos taken from the tour. If you'd like them added to our website (with proper credit given) please contact me.

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Many thanks to ALL who came and supported us on our tour! An extra thanks to the promoters. All went well and The Cruxshadows made it a fabulous first tour for us. Steve and I had a great time, despite all the driving. We loved every city!

We are also in the new issue #7 of OUTBURN magazine (September 1998). A CD review and concert review for "Where Broken Angels Lie", plus an advertisement and photo. ___________________________________

In support of THE AZOIC's new CD 'Where Broken Angels Lie', DARK MOON ENTERTAINMENT and NILAIHAH RECORDS proudly present THE FALLEN ANGELS TOUR with THE CRUXSHADOWS and THE AZOIC on tour in September '98.

There are also still plans of playing with Oneiroid Psychosis together next year.

What exactly do THE AZOIC even sound like anyway...? DARKWAVE kids (at least that is what we are told). Just remeber, it's dark electro with female/male vocals.

Here's some RA files of each CD:
Where Broken Angels Lie (the newest release)
the divine suffering (the debut release)

Do you want to know what other people think? You know you are curious...
And, what if you are curious about purchasing the CD's?
Well, they are available by clicking here.

I am trying to update old links and add new ones of all our supporters: 'Zines, Radio, DJ's, TV, Bands, and Friends... I know I have a lot of work here. My apologies, but they will be updated soon.

Did you know we have 11 x 17 full color POSTERS available for 'Where Broken Angels Lie'? We know you need more wall decorations... Supplies are limited. Only $2.50 (includes shipping and handling) in the US. Add $1 Outside the US. Here's a picture

I have started a discussion/news list outside of The Azoic's news updates.
Here's a chance to ask all those questions you have always wanted to...


My computer crashed recently and I lost ALL of the band's email.
I mean EVERYTHING, so please, If you have ever sent anything of importance, i.e. addresses, promo requests, orders, distribution, questions, or any other info, please remail it. If I never responed to your message (no matter how long ago), please resend it. I apologize for not being the quickest reply-er, but I do try... There never seems to be enough time. My deepest apologies!

The Azoic is on a *NEW* compilation from The United Endangered Front called 'Circuit Noir' featuring "dark elektroniks" for only $10. And, there is also another compilation with Black Dahlia Records in Canada. The song 'I Tried to Warn You' will appear on the "Music For Making Love...To A Corpse" comp. This release date is scheduled for Halloween 1998.
Our debut CD, 'the divine suffering' was voted in the TOP 20 ALBUMS OF 1997 by Corridor of Cells 'zine. Plus, there are many new additions to the website.

Lastly, Thanks again for all the support and understanding... We always appreciate it.