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Emphasize - EP


Artificial - CD 2006

VIRUS Magazine

storming the base

Hypocrite - MCD 2005


VIRUS Magazine
Frozen Plasma's debut full length release, "Artificial", is a CD I've been waiting for with bated breath. I was a big fan of NamNamBulu and, as most fans know, Frozen Plasma is basically the second coming of NNB. What will it sound like? Will the vocals compare favorably? Will the lyrics still be heartfelt? These were some of the questions that were swimming around in my head. Well, let me answer those questions for you! Musically, Frozen Plasma picks up right where NNB left off. If anything, the music is even more catchy. The beats are great for the club floors, and offer a lot of variety in their tempos. The synth work by Vasi Vallis is also spectacular, as is to be expected. Felix Marc's vocal deliveries are also fabulous, and really help convey the emotion of the lyrics. His style is similar to NNB's Henrik Iversen, yet has a distinctive sound all his own. Finally, the lyrical content is emotional and heartfelt on "Artificial". I had a tough time trying to pick out specific songs from this CD as 'stand-outs', so I decided not to bother. The entire album is a stand-out! Frozen Plasma's "Artificial" is an excellent debut that I cannot recommend enough!

Jeremy Davey - VIRUS Magazine

All fans of Namnambulu, the wait is over! The debut album from Frozen Plasma is finally here.

I have been waiting for an all new album since the mini-album release of Namnambulu, "Expansion", that arrived in middle of 2004. At the end of 2005, my wait was almost over, the first single, "Hypocrite", was released by Frozen Plasma and the possibilities of hearing a full-length album from these guys would soon be ended. Now this record is here and I can't do much more than just enjoy it and smile. Vasi Vallis and Felix Marc have made some great work here.

It is hard not to draw any parallels with Namnambulu and in some way not to think about them, which is just not working. The song structure, the production, the singing and the great lines, everything is still included in the music and the more I here the voice of Felix Marc, everything gets so much better. "Artificial" is soft lines, great refrains and with a singing voice on highest level which lights up the existence.

"Artificial" includes a total of 12 tracks and with a playtime of over 70 minutes it is with joy I run through the song over and over again. The opening track Irony and the followed track Crossroads really makes me happy with its great refrains, and not to talk about the track War/Flashbacks which gives me goose pimples every time I hear it in my sound system. The tracks A Generation Of The Lost and Home is also a great song, wich the latest is made my Felix, who also is behind the song Condence. The single-hit Hypocrite is of course included, a song that absolutely not gets any poorer by the time, it just continues to grow. The b-side from "Hypocrite", the song Betrayed, is included on "Artificial" in a remix dome by US synthpop band Iris, and since I wrote that review of that single the song have just been better and better. The melody and the singing structure is really great.

The final conclusion? "Artificial" IS better then all earlier material from Namnambulu and I can't do much more then just bow and lift on my hat for there guys. The artwork is simple and minimalistic as before and I like it, very nice. I'll give them my first ten! Best on the album: Irony, War/Flashbacks and Hypocrite. I'm looking forward to more from Frozen Plasma in the future and my longing for more has already begun. And of course, we will have them here on Swedish soil soon.

Björn Andersson - Neurozine

A different drum
Frozen Plasma "Artificial" -- The man behind the music of the now defunct band NamNamBulu introduces his new product together with singer Felix Marc (also of Diorama). The vocals are melodic and polished for a great new sound that isn't generally as dark or dramatic as NamNamBulu. The songs are catchy and the music is uptempo and club-friendly. I hear it as a lighter, more "synthpop" answer to NamNamBulu (though they were pretty synthpoppy to begin with). It's a cool debut album from a band that will hopefully stick around for more albums to come.

Namnambulu is dead, long live Frozen Plasma! Fans of Namnambulu can be delighted, since Frozen Plasma musicwise goes further where Namnambulu stopped. Felix Marc, the keyboardist and second voice in Diorama, is the new vocalist next to studio wizzard Vasi Vallis. Felix has a sensitive voice that perfectly fits the uptempo, emotional and danceable electropop of Frozen Plasma. We can conclude only the vocals have changed compared to the former incarnation. 'Hypocrite' is a nice song and is very well comparable with 'Memories' or 'Now or Never'. Next to the original we find this track in a club centered 'old school remix' with a length of 8 minutes and a minimal and dreamy instrumental 'Girls: dont cry! Remix'. 'Betrayed' is a really good song with 80's synthpop references. This single clearly shows no one has to mourn about the loss of Namnambulu, since the music of Frozen Plasma offers exactly the same.

Teknoir - Gothtronic


I don't know what to say. I think I've said it all already but it wouldn't look good to just write something like "Wow, this is amazing too".
Well, Frozen Plasma is back - again - with a new and outstanding EP with five brand new songs and a couple of remixes. I hardly had time to settle from the 'Irony' single when this EP, entitled 'Emphasize' arrives, and the album 'Artificial' still spins.

'Emphasize' opens up with the amazing track "King of Pain", a beautiful and very emotional track which includes lyrics that really touches your soul. Next up is a cover of the old Pet Shops Boys classic "I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)" and the melodic dance floor track "Lift The Veil" with yet another great lyric structure and soundscapes. Then, "Warmongers" is delivered to you. This track shows a new side from Frozen Plasma with a song structure that reminds me of Reaper a bit - the more experimental and industrial dance floor-attacking project from Vasi Vallis. This is sure to hit the floors with its bone-breaking melody and march-like vocals. The last of the brand new tracks is "Vanishing Star". It starts out beautiful with only a piano-set and the voice from Felix Marc and built its way up to become a heavenly ballad.

Followed is five remixes - four from selected bands of the album-track "A Generation Of The Lost" and a great mix of the first single "Hypocrite" from Torben Wendt (Diorama), that even includes vocals from him.

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storming the base
Updated lower price!! Following the demise / split of Euro Electro-Pop sensations NamNamBulu - it was easy to predict that follow up project FROZEN PLASMA would return with as much energy and infection synth-tuned poppery than ever before ! Already scoring a huge underground hit with dance floor single ''Hypocrite'' they return now with Brand New full length album ''Artificial''. With new singer Felix Marc ( of DIORAMA ) now incorporated into the line-up, NamNamBulu / Reaper -sound-mastermind Vasi Vallis delivers 12 tracks and 75 minutes of mature, dreamy electro-pop - brimming with synth led melodies across a number of high class potential hits tracks such as ''Irony'', ''Crossroads'', ''Generations Of The Lost'' and ''Condense''. Presented in the usual trademark minimalist artwork ''Artificial'' contains all the ingredients to become another big hit within the dance floor electro-pop scene ! Released on Nilaihah and available May 2nd, 2006.

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